Voice Out Your Ideas To The Big Banners With Braineet!

Customer’s ideas and feedbacks are inklings that help the brands to probe on their products. Having no proper routes, the ideas are wondering into wilderness while brands are seeking for pitch to churn out wanted product in the market. It is time to put an end to such a waste by creating a dedicated, collaborative and multi-brand platform to share ideas and put them in action. Braineet frames it together!

Braineet, the indulging interface enables you to share smart ideas with every brand, to improve the products and services you use every day. Brands that are looking forward for the new ideas, pay heed to the ideas and decide on implementing them. You are valued for your ideas, rewarded by brands and you contribute to improve the world you live in. Don’t miss any of your friends’ ideas, follow topics you love and discover thousands of ideas from around the world. Braineet gives everyone the power to make the world a smarter place to live by building intuitive products.


Braineet is co-founded by Jonathan Livescault, Alban Margain and Pierre Gourlaouen. The biggest challenge they faced so far was building the right team. To prove its existence and convincing major brands to try it and to do so quickly was indeed an accomplishment.

Similar platforms like betterific.com in the US and ideas4all.com in Spain are the contenders of Braineet.

It is aspiring to become the reflex in France for users and brands when it comes to sharing and realizing ideas. The founders are also planning to open an office in the US to expand rapidly.

Braineet is already used in 150 countries. The web app is free for brands, enterprises and start-ups. They can join to share ideas with their customers and get valuable feedback.

“Still, we are primarily focusing on major brands such as Nespresso, Orange or Taco Bell which are already discussing with their customers.” revealed the Jonathan Livescault- the CEO.

It is a freemium business model for brands. They run their free account to collect ideas, discuss them and put the best in actions.
However, they can also upgrade their account with premium features, which includes organize competitions for ideas on specific topics with prizes to win.

The interface also facilitates animation. Analyse behaviour and interests through analytics and semantics are its core features. The brands can sponsor ideas in the feed to a targeted audience.

To know more, stay tuned to Braineet.

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