Solo Parents Take Flight: Kids-Friendly Tours Makes Travel a Dream, Not a Chore

Simone Atkinson, a military spouse and mother of two, knows the struggle. Pre-children, her passport was practically worn thin, boasting 19 countries explored. But with two little ones in tow, the world suddenly seemed a distant dream. This wasn’t just any mom’s experience – it’s a common story for many solo parents or those traveling with young children. Traditional vacations can feel like a logistical nightmare, not a chance to unwind.

Enter Kids-Friendly Tours, a travel agency with a mission that’s as heartwarming as it is innovative. Founded in February 2023, Simone’s brainchild isn’t just about booking flights and hotels. It’s about empowering parents to reclaim their sense of adventure, all while creating cherished memories with their little ones.

The Travel Industry Bounces Back, But Not All Travelers Are Created Equal

The travel industry is on a strong upswing, projected to reach a whopping $15 trillion in the next decade. That’s fantastic news, but a large portion of potential globetrotters often feel left out – single parents and those traveling with young children.

Simone Tapped into a Gap in the Market:

“I felt so stuck,” she admits, “like I had to choose between being a mom and experiencing the world. But why not have both?”

Kids-Friendly Tours is the answer to that very question. They curate adult-centric itineraries that cater to the specific needs of traveling with young children. Think vetted nanny services around the world, ensuring parents get that much-needed relaxation time while their little ones are in safe hands.

Building Memories, Not Mountains of Laundry

But Kids-Friendly Tours is more than just childcare. It’s about creating enriching experiences for the whole family. “Our children are growing up so fast,” says Simone. “We have to make the most of every day, and that includes exposing them to different cultures and countries.”

This philosophy stands in stark contrast to many travel agencies that encourage parents to leave their children behind. Simone wants to revolutionize this mindset, highlighting the immense benefits of travel for both parents and kids.

Taking Off: The Road Ahead for Kids-Friendly Tours

Simone acknowledges the marketing challenges of a young startup, but her passion is undeniable. “This can change a lot of people’s lives,” she beams, “I just need a way to let them know we exist.”

Here’s the good news for our readers who are single parents or planning solo adventures with young children:

  • Mention this article and receive a reduced booking fee (a sweet $150 savings)!
  • Explore a world of possibilities at

Simone’s Book Recommendation for Founders:
1. “Atomic Habits” by James Clear and

2. “Plan Your Year Like a Millionaire” by Rachel Rodgers

for anyone seeking inspiration to take charge of their dreams.

Kids-Friendly Tours is poised to take the travel industry by storm, offering a much-needed lifeline to parents who crave adventure without sacrificing precious family time. So, pack your bags, book your nanny, and get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime. The world awaits!

Kids-Friendly Tours: Startup Highlights

FounderSimone Atkinson
Target AudienceSingle parents, parents traveling solo with young children
MissionMake travel accessible and enjoyable for parents with young children
ServicesCurated adult-centric itineraries, vetted nanny services worldwide
Why it’s DifferentFocuses on creating enriching experiences for the whole family, not just childcare
Special Offer for ReadersMention this article for a reduced booking fee ($150 savings)
Book RecommendationsAtomic Habits” by James Clear, Plan Your Year Like a Millionaire” by Rachel Rodgers
Interview on Youtube
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