iBeeleve, believes that every idea counts

Everyone has an idea as to what they want to be or want to do in the future, but many falter and do not succeed in accomplishing their ideas due to the fear of failure. iBeeleve is one such software which would let you know if the idea is original and what are the chances of this being a successful one.

Anu Dixit, Leonardo D’Souza, Joas Gabriel and Daniel Chitra are the master minds behind this project. All four of them have a strong knowledge in artificial intelligence including Big Data, Cloud semantics and machine learning. The purpose of the software is to help people out by addressing the problem and motivate them by boosting their confidence so that he/she could achieve their ideas. The software is free, unbiased and within a span of few minutes it would analyse and give suggestions based on the information that has been submitted by the user.

(c) iBeeleve
(c) iBeeleve

Anu Dixit, one of the founders did face a similar struggle where due to fear of failure he was very much demotivated and so tried to get help from many others but either there was not much of a response or they would ask him to pay hefty amounts just to even have a look at the idea. This was the main reason why he came up with the idea of making this software so that have a chance to accomplish their ideas that could be beneficial for everyone.



“Every idea should count !!!” Anu Dixit

At the end of the day we all have many ideas about what we can achieve with our lives but due to fear we give up easily but with the software iBeeleve one can feel confident to accomplish their ideas. Subscribers for iBeeleve will receive a free data testing link.

For more details on iBeeleve, you can visit them on http://ibeeleve.com


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