Campadillo Helps Students & Professors Communicate & Collaborate!

For reasons unknown, the educational space has always shied away from technology. Presently, there is a serious disconnection between students and professors. Also, there is no effective way for college students to manage their projects, deadlines, classes and tasks and juggling between these is easily burning them out.

Well if you are a student then you no longer need to worry about these things as there is soon going to be a new app called Campadillo hitting your app store. This app is an academic tool that helps both students and professors to communicate and collaborate. Also with Campadillo, you are never going to miss a deadline again as it plans your education by organizing your classes and managing assignments.

Campadillo Helps Students & Professors Communicate & Collaborate!

Meet The Power Duo Behind Campadillo!

This app was conceptualized and co-founded by Mircea Iancu and Cosmin Stamate.

Mircea has several years of experience in graphic design and in front-end development. At this start-up, he primarily focuses on understanding the end users, the stakeholders and what is going well for them. He is also on a constant task of figuring out what UX design will take them to the next level.

Cosmin is the main developer of the application and is a Python and JavaScript aficionado. He has a deep passion for anything web and has developed web projects for about 6 years now.

“We are freshly out of college and we want to change the academic experience for the generations of students to come. We believe education should be enhanced and improved by technology and we also believe Campadillo will do that”, says the duo.

The X-Factor!

Campadillo is a unique web-based service, a platform that enables professors and students to communicate and collaborate. It is a modern, easy-to-use tool that helps them manage their projects, deadlines and tasks. It is supposed to bring everything important in one place and keep everyone connected.

What Problem is The App Solving?

Currently, many academic institutions still bank on manual administration and paperwork. Campadillo is a smart tool that helps store and provide all that information so that the overhead cost of bureaucracy is reduced.

Also, there is a lack of consistent communication medium between students and professors. Students often resort to e-mailing professors and talking to each other on Facebook or Instant Messaging networks. This app finally provides them a form of social network for education oriented topics only.

To put it simply; Campadillo is an optimization tool. The team through this app wanted to introduce artificial intelligence in order to help everyone with their schedule management and efficiency.

The Driving Force!

“We have some great ideas for task management and project planning, as well as for communication. After a particularly frustrating week using our university’s framework, we realized our ideas could come together in a great solution for the academic environment. During that evening, we brainstormed quite a lot and came up with many different aspects of the application (and 90% of them were changed along the way, obviously)”, says the team.

Campadillo Helps Students & Professors Communicate & Collaborate!

On Challenges Faced & Competitors

Like most start-ups, getting people that were interested in their solution was the team’s biggest challenge. Also, since Mircea and Cosmin are new entrepreneurs on the block, they had to learn how to analyze the market, how to promote their application and how to shape their image.

As far as competition goes, the framework used at their former college, Moodle, poses as their serious competitor. Google is also entering the education platforms scene with their Classroom app, but that is more high-school oriented.

There are other competitors, but they generally have slightly different or more specific goals, so they still don’t solve all the issues the team is trying to address with Campadillo.

On Expansion Plans & Target Audience

The next step in Campadillo’s progression is launching the mobile app and continuously developing the main web service.

“We would like to see our startup as a full-blown academic platform, with students and professors from all around the world happily using this solution to increase the quality of their college experience”, adds the team.

Presently, the app mainly targets students and professors. High-school students could also use Campadillo for their work, and they could continue using it during their college education.

The Monetizing Model!

Campadillo is free for individuals. All they have to do is register. The app also provides them Premium Membership privileges. On the other hand, there is Campadillo for Universities, which is a more complex application that encompasses all the processes of a University. This service will generate revenue through yearly access licenses for the entire institution.

So calling all students! Do keep an eye out for this app as it is here to make your college life way easier.

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