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Internet advertising has been around for a while; since the boom of pop up advertisements and other forms of advertisement displays across the internet, we have seen many advertisements with poor taste and obscure images being present on many websites we’ve visited. With modern design concepts, being employed to create better advertising solutions comes a new startup Imagpic and its sole purpose is to make advertising on the internet appealing.

Who is behind this idea?

Jake Sroczynski, a photography fanatic and advertising measurement expert was appalled by the unattractiveness and ineffectiveness of banner advertising. ” I know that so much of it does not work well for the marketer and for the consumer alike. I’ve started imagpic to help internet make advertising elegant, useful and more effective. Think of it as Houzz for the rest of the internet”, he says.

Photographs are a main attraction on the internet and many people Jake talked to, found themselves searching for items that were featured in photos on blogs and the websites they visit. Imagine being able to purchase an item you like straight from any photography on internet. Not just an e-commerce photo, but a photo in which you can see how item fits in its surroundings, item’s natural look. Imagine if you could find different natural looks for any product on your search list.


“We are still in development and getting ready for our beta release. We are looking for beta testers which is our biggest hurdle right now. We anticipate the next biggest hurdle will be finding few strategic partners to feature imagpic to a large user base and scaling the business. If you ever found yourself searching for a product that you saw in an image online, we are making this search a one stop shop. With one click, you will be able to buy any product directly from an image”, he added.

Their Competitors:

Cirqle, Domodi and Houzz are its competitors. Imagpic has a similar premise, however they curate tagged items via community so bloggers don’t have to do additional work. Imagpic has UX more focused on product within the image. They want the user to control tag appearance while still making it obvious an item is purchasable from the image. Houzz is focused on home design but their technology could be expanded to different niches. They have experience building community around online image and eCommerce.

“Once we have enough pictures tagged, we are planning on building a search engine of curated tags. Think of it as Google image search curated by Quora like community”, he added.

Imagpic’s target audience include Bloggers and Website owners who feature images on their sites. Fashion, home and garden design, wedding, travel, crafts, cooking, do-it-yourself are the most promising niche sites that can leverage imagpic technology.

Jack says Imagpic has three business models. The blogger pays monthly subscription to use imagpic technology. They tag their images with the ecommerce inventory Imagpic is connected to. They get paid affiliate fees for sales. The second model is that its free for the blogger. Imagpic tags the images with their own affiliate account, and they share profits with bloggers. Third model is when a blogger pays subscription, they tag their images for a fixed fee.

It’s free to sign up for the beta group. This group will receive early full feature product access. They also plan to feature their key beta testers in all their marketing communication to garner more support and to get the word out.

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