With ChefMade Get Prepared Healthy Food Delivered To Your Door!

In our fast paced world, we seem to have time for everything but to eat healthy. In spite of understanding the importance of eating nutritional food we still tend to get attracted to the convenience and taste of fast and junk food.

To put an end to this very detrimental lifestyle choice, there is a new food delivery script available called ChefMade. This is a unique and interesting app that makes freshly prepared healthy food accessible to you even amidst your crazy schedule. You no longer have to feel guilty about eating food that is doing you no good.

With ChefMade Get Prepared Healthy Food Delivered To Your Door

Meet The Power Couple That Runs The Show!

ChefMade was conceptualized and co-founded by Sarah Arel and Dave Arel. This app was born to deliver delicious and nutritious meals without the hassle.

“My wife, Sarah, is an entertainer at heart. She grew up in the kitchen, always whipping up something delicious for her family and friends. Healthy food is her passion. She studied Nutrition and Wellness in College which allowed her to bring a healthy twist to her cooking. Food is at the center of our lives. It gives us energy to grow, learn, and sustain ourselves, yet we’ve forgotten the enormous impact it can have on our everyday life. Sarah has made it her mission to bring healthy options back to our table, without sacrificing the quality of taste”, says Dave.

Know A Little More About ChefMade!

This app is revolutionizing food delivery system. The couple through ChefMade is preparing breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner ready meals that are healthy, delicious, and convenient. It is delivered to your door weekly so that you can get back to being productive, healthy and satisfied.

ChefMade is Here To Solve A Big Problem!

Our society has become incredibly busy and because of that we’ve seen food become more and more convenient to obtain. Traditional healthy food has been unceremoniously replaced by quick bites like fast food and microwaveable meals. Unfortunately, these conveniences, however, have come at a large cost to our health. We’re no longer getting the nutrition we need to sustain a healthy and fulfilled life.

ChefMade is here to solve this very problem. This app gives you the convenience with delivered meals that have been deliciously and nutritiously prepared by talented professional chefs.

With ChefMade Get Prepared Healthy Food Delivered To Your Door

The Driving Force!

Sarah, who previously worked at a hospital in Chicago, had doctors constantly requesting that she make them her delicious meals. They were all far too busy to sustain healthy eating habits, so they kept begging Sarah to make them her meals on a regular basis. As doctors, they understand the importance of a good nutrition, but like many of us even they were far too busy to eat well and even a little unsure of how to go about doing so. The problem mainly lies in the fact that we are constantly bombarded by unhealthy options, and the few healthy options we do have are generally very unsatisfying in flavor.

On the same front, Sarah was catering to a lot of Dave’s friends, co-workers and executives of start-ups around Chicago at parties the couple would throw at their home. They too, were far too busy to cook for themselves, and eating out was leaving them exhausted and unhealthy.

These scenarios are what helped the couple realize that there is a dire need among people to eat healthy food and thus ChefMade was born.

On Hurdles Faced & Competitors

The biggest challenge for the couple was to find an accommodating kitchen and delivery methods as these were the essentials to take off the start-up.

In terms of competition, services like Blue Apron and Home Chef do pose as potential competitors as even they deliver food. However, they require a significant amount of preparation. Services like Munchery, of San Francisco, are delivering prepared meals, but only on-demand.

On Expansion Plans & Target Audience

“We’re currently in beta, slowly rolling out to neighborhoods in Chicago. We are looking to roll-out nationwide in 2015, delivering meals on a weekly or bi-weekly basis with local chefs in every major city”, says the couple.

At the moment, ChefMade is meant for everybody that needs healthy food, so the target audience is very large. However, city dwellers with busy lives and a taste for good food are the app’s primary audience.

On Plans of Monetizing

The couple plan on monetizing through a subscription model.

“Members will be asked to subscribe to a weekly meal option. They can pick the number of meals, and each month we will make a menu available for them to choose their desired meals. They can pick them on a monthly basis or a weekly basis. If they forget to choose their meals, we will choose based on their preferences and best rated meals. There will also be upsell opportunities with snacks, drinks, desserts, and helpful cooking utilities”, adds the couple.

By now we are sure that this app has piqued your interest. To know start a similar food delivery based business, Check this Food Delivery Script

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