Control your devices with a simple voice command or head movement using Elbee

Do you want to use your phone and your apps 100% hands-free like accessing your phone assistant with a simple voice command or receiving notifications about bus hours directly to your ear? Do you want to control your devices at home or change TV channels using your voice or head gestures? While listening to music, do you want to change or skip songs by simply tilting your head? We present to you Elbee, the smart wireless earphones for receiving notifications on one hand and controlling devices hands-free with voice commands or head movements on the other. Elbee is comfortable to wear, beautiful in design and small in size.



The company is based in Brussels, Belgium and was founded by Konrad Holubek and Vincent Canuel. They are backed by a team of engineers passionate about connected devices, wearable and domotics. “Back in April, I was in my kitchen washing the dishes when my phone started vibrating in my living room.” Konrad recalls. He adds, “As my hands were occupied and as the phone was out of my sight, I could not use my phone anymore. We discussed this together with Vincent, and we realized that this is not specific to smartphones but is applicable to other connected devices and applications of our everyday life, like for example when I want to control my music, my domotics system or my connected car.”

Today, voice assistants and apps are used to access devices remotely. However, a voice assistant can only be accessed from a  relatively close distance. When it comes to apps, your hands have to be available and it often takes numerous steps just to open the app. “So we started looking for an alternative. A product that can control objects remotely, without the need to use your hands and with the possibility to have shortcuts to perform your favourite actions. This is why we decided to develop the Elbee.” Konrad tells us.


Elbee are built using advanced piece of technology but they are extremely easy  to use. Indeed, the voice triggers and head gestures can easily be personalized through a companion app and thereby perform specific actions like accessing  your phone assistant, skipping songs on your music player or turning on the lights in your living room.

Elbee mainly targets people who are commuting by their own car or using  public transportation, people at conference, people in the gym to name a few.  “Elbee will be sold first through a crowdfunding campaign.” Konrad says.  “Then, on our website, on e-commerce websites and in retail stores.” A crowd-funding campaign will be launched later in the year to bring Elbee to the market.

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