Coachseek is the perfect management software for all coaches to have

So what does a sports coach do off the field when they aren’t with their teams? Well they have a lot of work in terms of getting their payments in order, schedules for meetings and also keep a good track of their day to day activities. Coachseek is management software for coaches across the world which would help them keep track of everything without having to deal with any sort of paper work or excel sheets for that matter.

Ian was a former tennis coach for 18 years in New Zealand and United Kingdom, having played and coached since the age of 6. Before starting Coachseek, Ian was running a tennis coaching business in the Waikato region of New Zealand covering a total of 10 clubs with a staff of 6 and also Pro Shop. Olaf Thielke and Shaun Fitzmaurice are the other two respective founders of this venture.

Coachseek allows the coaches to easily manage their entire coaching business online, taking care of scheduling, online booking and payment and messaging, thus not having the need to keep any books as a register or even have spreadsheets to keep track of all the work.

(c) Coachseek
(c) Coachseek

What was the biggest hurdle you faced to start a Start-up?

“Initially it was trying to understand a frustration or pain in the market of not knowing how to make things happen. Luckily the likes of Lightning Lab can help give you the chance to truly focus on a business idea, rather than be a part time entrepreneur and make things happen!
Additionally finding tech co-founders is incredibly hard, especially when, like me you are from a pure sporting background. Again with determination and advice, we eventually got there and have found a steady stream of talent. Some knowledge of lean start-ups would have been great too, as I was a classic ‘build a fully featured prototype’ guy before I had read Eric Ries’ book.”  – Ian Bishop


Their main competitors are however the simple paper based methods and also Excel which are widely used by most of the coaches otherwise. Coachseek is a cloud based solution that wraps everything that necessary in a neat package where you have awesome features like drag and drop scheduler and session templates to make it easy to repeat frequently used sessions and courses. After a recent rebuilding of the software, Coachseek has coaches from across 13 countries now and are actively expanding, the team has exciting plans to offer great products and less time consuming methods for the coaching communities.

As of now Coachseek has the following subscription model

$20 USD for a solo coach per month

$35 USD for a team of coaches of 5 per month

$60 USD for a team of coaches of 10 per month

All those interested in a trial run can get a 14 day free trial, with free setup, training and support and anyone becoming a Paid User will get a pre-release copy of our first EBook ‘The Sports Coaching Business Survival Guide’

Ian had the following to say about Coachseek – The most exciting thing for me so far on this journey has been seeing the positive impact we are having on so many sports coaching businesses. The time saved, the hours back to get out on court coaching, the happy parents who booked online. I’m stoked to hear those stories and that motivates our entire team to continue making Coachseek better and better.

For further details on Coachseek, visit them on or like their page on Facebook or even follow them on Twitter otherwise.


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