Kibako Offers A Better Way To Share Files!

Sharing files is a cumbersome task. There is nothing instant about this process as it just ends up taking too much of our time. What if we told you that you can now share files in a jiffy? Oh! Trust us we are not pulling a fast one on you.

There is honestly a new application called Kibako in town that offers a better way to share files. With this app you can now share screenshots, images and more from your Mac easily. Do not fret! Your files are yours and stored securely in your Dropbox or Amazon S3. Also, this app is cool enough to let you share anything with a shortcut. It allows you to either upload from your clipboard, or drag and drop any file for swift transfer.

Kibako Offers A Better Way To Share Files!

Meet The Power Duo Behind It All!

Conceptualized and co-founded by Nick Jones and Red Davis, Kibako is here to make sharing files easy and quick.

Red is a full-time iOS developer for a startup in UK called Togethera. His previous experiences include working at Riot, Fitstar, Voicemail+, etc. On the other hand, Nick is CTO at a UK e-Commerce Agency called Meanbee and works on several projects in his spare time such as XBVids, Indebted and OSS.

Together, they form an impressive team that as all the right skills to make Kibako the next big app in town.

The Beauty Called Kibako!

Kibako is a free Mac app that makes it quick and easy to share files between family, friends and co-workers. With this app, sharing couldn’t have gotten simpler. All you have to do is use the keyboard shortcut, drag the file to Kibako, or automatically upload the screenshots. You’ll instantly be given a URL to share with your friends, even if your file hasn’t finished uploading. When it’s done, the file will be display on a beautiful website that is ad and distraction free.

With Kibako, you stay in control of your files. It uses your Dropbox or Amazon S3 account to store your files thus giving you complete ultimate control over your content.

Kibako, The Saviour!

Sharing files, at times, takes a heck lot of time. Well this app is here to solve this exact problem. With Kibako, you can now share files quickly and easily, while still staying in control, and retaining ownership of your content.

The team’s common use case is quickly sharing screenshots and screen recordings amongst colleagues and clients within a project environment; perhaps sharing bugs or cool features that people have found. Kibako can listen out for when screenshots have been taken and automatically upload them, and instantly provide a link. The link can be shared, even before the file is uploaded, and will inform viewers as soon as the file has finished uploading.

The Inspiration!

“My Cloudapp subscription was expiring. I also had a Dropbox subscription but Dropbox doesn’t really make it easy to share files quickly. What I wanted was the quick and easy sharing mechanism of Cloudapp but use the storage system I was already paying for. I had a look at the Dropbox SDK and made a simple app that just uploaded files to your Dropbox and returns a Dropbox shortened URL”, says Red.

Kibako Offers A Better Way To Share Files!

The Road Blocks & Competitors!

Prior to the launch of the product, finding the time to work on Kibako around other commitments was the team’s biggest challenge. Thanks to their love for coffee from Society Café in Bath that this problem was solved.

Upon the launch, user acquisition was a major hurdle for the duo. Fortunately, they has a pretty successful launch on Product Hunt that drew a lot of traffic their way, and the team is still riding the crest of that even today. Kibako currently has about 100 active users every day. This is a great milestone for them.

In term of competition, Cloudapp and Droplr are the team’s  biggest competitors.

The Journey Ahead & Intended Users!

“Our main aim is to build a good product. Then our aim is that Kibako will pay for our monthly coffee bill”, says the team.

At the moment, the app is mainly targeted at users that want to share files, screen shots or screen recordings between friends, family, colleagues or clients via a link. This app also has storage adapters that suit developers (Amazon S3) and the general public (Dropbox).

The Monetizing Model!

Kibako is free for the fully featured basics, but users can purchase add-ons for $1.49/month each to unlock extra functionality such as custom sharing domains and the screen recording feature.

Oh wait! Before you leave, we have some good news for you. The team of Kibako was kind enough to leave our readers with some exciting offer.

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