KingForADay App puts you in the spotlight for a day.

KingForADay by Andrew Lin is a platform to connect with a single person each day from the community. Think Reddit AMA’s meets chats. KingForADay fosters intimate 1-1 connection with the King (for that day).

Andrew says, “Social discovery and personal connection are passions of mine, I’ve always thought of how to build connections in this age where there is so much social media noise. I built KingForADay myself. I have a background in technology and biotech”.

KingForADay was inspired by Reddit AMA’s format and a few existing chat apps that offer the format. Andrew feels the challenge with Reddit AMAs is that it gets lost in the sheer number of posts, lack of personal connection and that existing chat apps are not really about discovery, but they are about chatting with your existing external social networks.

The inspiration for KingForADay was to develop a platform that is centered on social discovery, while enabling more intimate chat. Andrew feels that their biggest hurdle is growth and getting the word out. Social discovery and intimate connection in a world where there is more signal than noise. KingForADay forces a single connection a day through chat, by doing that it puts the user on a spotlight. “I think my competitors are the existing social networking platforms. Competing for attention is the most challenging. I’d love to see KingForADay expand to other verticals outside of the startup and entrepreneur community”, he adds.

KingForADay’s target audience are general audience, but their current focus is on startups and the entrepreneur community, where it would encourage startup enthusiasts to interact with upcoming Entrepreneurs to know more about their story. Their monetization model is based on Short term targeted sponsor ships. Long term “kings” status for business locations that would provide customer engagement and interaction.

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