Dasheroo provides a Simple, Integrated Business Dashboard

A typical SMB uses a lot of cloud apps to run their business. These apps churn out mountains of data and every app has it’s own user account. It becomes overwhelming and almost impossible to get a clean, unified, understandable view of data. So this data rut is either ignored leading to productivity risks or much time is wasted into chasing and organizing all this data but not enough time is spent acting on it!

Dasheroo claims to do business dashboards right by integrating all the essential business metrics into one place with an intuitive and interactive UI.


About the Startup

John Hingley and James Ryan, the serial startup starters and founders of Dasheroo, wanted to debunk the myth of managing Big Data being a stuff of nightmare for SMBs. John has been in the tech industry for over 20 years and this is his third startup. On one of his earlier venture that he started with his wife, they needed some oomph in the sales & marketing area. They focused on the data metrics (Adwords, email marketing, nurture programs, content marketing, social media, SFDC) and used Google Sheets to track and organize all this data. It worked for a while, “But then I noticed the team was spending way too much time updating and maintaining sheets. So I decided to create an interactive dashboard combining all the data, from internal systems to third-party business applications, into one easy to understand, easy to use business dashboard. Freemium, cloud based and accessible anytime, anywhere and updated continuously. We want to make the lives of millions of business users more productive.”, says John.

Dasheroo faces competition from Cyfe and Geckoboard, which are established players and comes up most often in the business dashboard space. John however, is confident that Dasheroo is more than competent, “Our solution is beautiful because we have focused from the get-go on intuitiveness and immediate value for our users. In minutes, even a non-tech savvy user can set up a Dasheroo business dashboard and start to visualize the metrics that impact their biz. Oh, and did I mention that it’s free?”

About their Plans

Dasheroo is self-funded and the team has decided that slower, controlled growth would be better than going for VC funding for now. John is aspiring that they would become the global market leader in offering freemium business dashboard, “Freemium is the only to way to quickly and cost efficiently capture the global market. Our team has experience with this model. We’re building significant value in the freemium offering, and will, later this year, establish 1-2 paid tiers based on usage to monetize our offering.”

The service is free for now so rush to their website and add some sanity to your business data processing.




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