Manage Your Accounts and Important Documents With Datamolino!

Datamolino is the cloud based SaaS for bookkeepers, accountants and accounting departments. The software allows document uploading or emailing, which is received by the Datamolino team where all the important information are extracted from the submitted documents.

Datamolino, the tool is created to lessen the manual data entry work. It is calibrated to extract totals, dates, tax and can even deliver line-by-line item information. The filtered data is exported directly into a range of cloud accounting suites or host of other useable formats. Documents can be are shared or collaborated on with clients and stored using 128-bit security.

Datamolino potentially secured €500 000 investment from the Slovak Technology and Investment Fund (FIT). Datamolino was launched in the UK as an add-on to Xero after product launches in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 2014.


Datamolino is co-founded by Andrej Glezl and Jan Korecky. The entrepreneurs have successful start-up backgrounds. Prior to Datamolino, Bysquare in Slovakia is one of the most successful projects.

Datamolino is aiming at taking off the burdens of manual data entry carried by accountants and bookkeepers. The services let you the users submit bills, invoices and receipts. The team filters important information and processes it faster. The software also enables the users to share relevant information with their clients.

Data extraction add-ons to cloud accounting suites are the challenging inspiration for Datamoline. To overcome the face offs, the team is planning to integrate more cloud accounting suites to leverage growth off their users. So far, UK accountants and bookkeepers are the prime users of the service. The revenue is generated from document processing.

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