Dull: Alleviate boredom with an app

Every day we roam around on the internet: consuming and sharing videos, sounds, gifs, news, pictures and other random posts; creating trending stuff for the day just by our massive visitor count.  Also, every day we have some ‘dull’ moments: waiting for the bike-man to repair our fixie, waiting for the appointment at the barber to trim our beard, standing in line at the cafe for that latte or macchiato, having intimate moments in small rooms, flying from coast to coast in our Learjet, and so-on. Dull brings those two things together: trending internet content for your ‘Dull’ moments. There’s always some time to for that! Dull is a new style feed-reader and content-promoter. Trending content from various web-platforms is presented in the Dull-feed and can be quickly swiped left to remove or swiped right to share. Users can tap on any given item to interact: play online or read the article in the in-app browser. If users have the native app of the source installed, they can tap to open the item for further interaction.


Dull was started by Roeland P. as a side project in between jobs. Tom, a former office colleague from Amsterdam and creator of the infamous Yung Gif Chrome Extension, inspired Roeland to make something for his own Dull moments. Roeland had gained considerable knowledge in the field of web development, interaction design, and programming through self-study. He is also interested in journalism, having been the chief editor of an online flash magazine, as well working previously as a freelance writer.
Dull targets enthusiasts, developers, and anyone with a smart phone who happens to be bored. Roeland sees Reddit as Dull’s main competitor, as in his words, “they also have a great place for when you are bored. Users subscribe to various feeds like Reddit, Instagram, Soundcloud, and the New York Times. Inspired by popular dating apps like Tinder, users swipe to the left if they don’t like content, to the right to share, tap  to read or play it, and doubletap to favorite. Dull’s feeds are compiled on the top trending content, and users can share content directly through Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter.  Currently, Dull is for iOS, but a beta version from Android will soon be out.

Get ready to alleviate your boredom here: http://dull.rocks

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