Digmaa Builds Rapport Between Home Builders and To-be Owners

For most people, the only event more significant than building their house is the birth of their child. Anyone (figuratively speaking) can own an apartment in the high rises, rent a room in the suburbs or simply squat in an abandoned structure but building your own place of residence in a land of your choosing is a privilege that has to be earned through years of toil and elbow grease.

And just as an expecting mother feels comfortable when her gynae is someone she knows and has good rapport with, expecting home owners should have proper communication channels with those building their home. Digmaa is a communication platform that does just that.


About the Startup

Austin Mac Nab handles marketing and business operations of Digmaa while back end details are taken care of by Mana Thongvanh. They founded Digmaa when their experience of building a house in Iowa exposed the need to bridge the gap between the builders and buyers, “Wanting to always stay updated on the progress of the construction, we took close to 30 trips to the project site, snapping photos and asking around for schedules and timeframes”, says Austin.

Other project members such as architects, contractors, suppliers, realtors and banks can also benefit from the communication channel Digmaa offers. Builders will be able to maximize their exposure to the public while having simple tools to connect with their clients for scheduling, budgeting and updating via photos/videos throughout the building phases.

The duo is funding this whole project without outside investment to conserve their equity and freedom of business decisions. “Doing this for 10 hours a day, 5 days a week for over 14 months, becomes exhausting but our resolve is all concrete and gravel!”

Startup Dope is all about celebrating such sturdy structures of entrepreneurial spirit!

About their Plans

Digmaa is keeping its target audience small by concentrating their efforts on Iowa for now, “Our goal is to expand one market at a time and allow builders to maximize their exposure. So Iowa is our starting point, and we will expand to surrounding states hopefully soon”, explains Austin, confident that his product has much to offer than competitors like BuilderTrend, BuildTools and Co-construct.

The services charges users based on number of ongoing projects per month. Prices starts at $49 for a single project, $99 for five and $199 for twelve projects. Businesses can contact Digmaa for customized plans.

Special Offer!

For readers of Startup Dope who are also into building houses, Digmaa will provide their services free for one complete project. Just email this article to austin@digmaa.com to avail this offer. For more details surf over to: http://digmaa.com/

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