Discoverly Is Here To Build up Your Contact List!

Discoverly lets social media users to access the social data, to finds common ground and connect with people. It is a platform for Job seekers, recruiters, salesperson, entrepreneurs, etc to get in touch with the each other.

The team of Discoverly includes Theodore Summe, Doug Molidor, Ryan Dick and James Ma. The group of the engineers are helping the users analyze and see the wealth of social data at fingertips.

Theodore Summe, the founder, was a product manager working on Salesforce Chatter. He pitched the idea of Discoverly to Salesforce leadership who invested in him to build it.

The biggest challenge was building a large dataset of profiles; however, there are over 10M profiles now and still adding millions of profile more each month.


The social business runs on relationships since its inception, but it’s always this ethereal fuel that’s hard to see and harder to capture.

“We’re able to capture who people are and how they’re connected by stitching together in different social systems like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Email, etc.”

Discoverly competes with Rapporative in mindshare. It actually work in top of Rapporative. Discoverly adds back social data from Facebook, Twitter and the rest of social web.

It helps the individuals today with free chrome extension. Hustlers and Social Media Mavens are the potential users of Discoverly.

Readers, sign-up to avail a free extension on subscription. To know more, checkout the website:

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