DJI Phantom 3 Standard drone might just be perfect for beginners

The Phantom 3 Standard, the entry-level drone model of Drone-maker DJI was just unveiled. It essentially is packed with great features for the Standard model, however if you wanted some other extra features, the Advanced and Professional versions cater to that, Phantom 3 Standard is targeted towards the newbie / beginner level enthusiasts who want to get started with drone photography and video recording. The entry range is available for purchase at just $799. The Phantom 3 Standard features a camera that can capture 2.7K HD at 30fps and 40Mbps, and the best part is it takes care of the stability and enables the user to record and view their live footage easily.  12MP still images, with support for RAW shooting are also the added advantages of the drone.

How it works

The drone’s flight controller primarily has a WiFi range extender for a users’ smartphone, the camera feed is then displayed in real-time through the DJI GO mobile app.

The drone can fly at a top speed of 16 meters per second, for about 25 minutes with a full battery. There’s also 3-axis stabilization and a range of 1km (0.62 miles) for transmitting the real-time video footage. The entire video and image settings are controlled through the smart phone app, while the controller has a physical wheel to quickly change the camera’s angle.

The Phantom 3 Standard features DJI’s new shooting modes, Follow Me and Point of Interest. Follow Me is used to follow behind a specified target, while Point of Interest will have the drone keep camera focused at a particular subject while is circles around it with a set height, speed, and radius. This features is currently available to the Standard model only and will eventually roll out to other Phantom 3 models via a future firmware update.

The DJI ‘s Phantom 3 is available in certain demographic only, we’ve reached out to DJI for further comments. We’ll update here once we hear from them.

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