Ediply Helps Students Fulfill Their Dream Of Studying Overseas!

Applying for universities overseas is often a nightmarish task for a student. Though the prospect of finally studying abroad is glamorous the one thing that dissuades them from chasing after this dream is the exhausting research and admission process. Even the option of seeking services of local education agents is less comforting as they are often too expensive or unscrupulous.

To make sure that students do not give up on this dream, there is an awesome app in town called Ediply. This app offers an aspiring international student all the guidance and services required to successfully apply to the university they desire. Ediply is the students’ trusted guide and encyclopedia for all overseas education related process and information.

Ediply Helps Students Fulfill Their Dream Of Studying Overseas

Meet The Great Minds Behind Ediply!

This app was conceptualized and co-founded by Peter Chapman, Dr. Tyler Horan and Katrina Too.

Peter, who is also the CEO of the start-up, is a graduate of EBS Universitat and The University of Hong Kong. Prior to Ediply, Peter worked in Real Estate Asset Management. Being an international student in his college days, he has had the amazing opportunity to live and work in many cities around the world including Melbourne, London, Hong Kong, Frankfurt and Jakarta.

Dr Tyler, who is also the CTO of the start-up, is an academic turned software engineer with a PhD in Sociology from the New School, New York. He, over the years has worked for various education technology start-ups. He was also a participant in Kaplan Techstars New York.

Katrina, who is the VP Product of the start-up, is a graduate of The University of Melbourne. She has held various roles in start-ups and SME’s in Australia, UK and Asia. Katrina also has previous experience as an international student as she was on a study abroad program at The University of Southern California.

Together, they make a powerful team that brings different skills and talents to the table. Further, based on the experience that they have so carefully gathered over the years it is safe to say that this team has all the right knowledge to take Ediply to new heights.

Know Ediply Better!

The app is here to offer prospective students the much needed help in finding education opportunities overseas. Ediply further extends its scope of service and also assists students to prepare their applications.

This awesome app in essence is a marketplace to connect student who are interested in studying overseas with universities who are interested in recruiting international students.

Last year 886,000 international students and their families contributed over $26B to the American economy. Ediply simply helps facilitate the movement of student by streamlining the process of discovery and application.

What Problem is This App Successfully Solving?

Ediply is here to solve a problem that 2 million international students who embark on the journey of studying overseas each year are facing.  Currently, majority of them have to resort to either extensive personal research or opt for services offered by physical local education agents to complete their applications to universities. This process is time consuming and the education agent industry is notorious for corruption and poor practice.

Further, this never ending grind is often discouraging for many prospective students. Many dream but do not act about studying overseas. Thus Ediply, hopes to reduce this very friction associated with the process. The team wants to help students become more culturally accepting and reach their dream of a global education.

Ediply Helps Students Fulfill Their Dream Of Studying Overseas

What Inspired It All?

It all began back in 2010 when Peter had decided to embark on an education overseas. He undertook a Master’s degree at the EBS Universitat in Frankfurt, Germany and The University of Hong Kong, HK.

“During the discovery, selection and application process, I faced considerable hurdles in identifying and validating opportunities overseas. International students face considerable information problems not solved by Google and online sources. We therefore decided to reinvent the process of discovery and application for the benefit of international students and universities”, adds Peter.

On Challenges Faced & Competitors

Unfortunately, the nature of global higher education has remained largely unchanged for the past 50 years. Thus the process and hierarchy of global universities have restricted their willingness to work with start-ups who provide innovation through new thinking and an approach to efficiency. To get through this attitude was the team’s biggest challenge.

Also, like most start-ups, Ediply has faced similar challenges in dealing with and navigating higher education institutions into rightfully believing that the technology the team is building is for their ultimately benefit.

When it boils down to competition, physical education agents who operate on behalf of global universities to help them recruit international students pose as their serious direct competitors. These education agents work predominantly in regions where universities prefer to outsource recruitment services and build brand awareness.

On Expansion Plans, Target Audience & More

“Ediply is focused on facilitating the mass movement of people for education related purposes. We currently have offices in Melbourne and San Francisco. The next 12 months will focus on consolidating our excellent growth to date and building out further relationships with global universities”, says the team.

At the moment, this app mainly targets prospective students who are looking to study at universities in Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, The United States and Canada.

Ediply is already gaining quick popularity in the market. It is currently being used by students in over 150 countries with 60% of users being from South East Asia.

Further, this app provides services to global universities to help them recruit international students. Students from various nationalities are particularly lucrative for universities as they provide liquidity through upfront fees, diversity on campus and add to their global alumni.

To simply sum it perfectly, Ediply is a student’s personalized education concierge that guides them in attaining their dream to study abroad!

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To know more details on this brilliant app, do make it a point to visit: www.ediply.com

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