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Karim Amrani used to hate school. He was sacked twice and was even “kicked out”. “Truth is, I’ve learnt more from Youtube videos than from my teachers in class.” says Karim. He adds, “Traditional school was very demotivating for me, I was told I’d never be more than a carpenter. I believe one of the key things of teaching is to inspire possibility. To let anyone be able to achieve anything.” Howww.to is Karim’s  ” small contribution to enable anyone in the world to learn the basics of new skills in record-time.”

According to Karim, even though online learning is great, there’s still much room for improvement. As someone addicted to online learning, when Karim watched huge amount of educational videos on YouTube and took a variety of classes online, he stumbled upon two main problems –

1. They take a long time. Some of the online courses require you to watch 10 to 30 hours of video content.

2. The video format wasn’t the “best way to learn”. He found himself skipping “annoying introductions” or going back and watching the videos again since he hadn’t grasped the instructions.


So Karim thought of reducing online courses to steps of 5 seconds and use the looping GIF format to remove all the controls and simplify the experience. Thus Howww.to was born. It solves those two problems that had been bothering him. The biggest hindrance was people not believing in the concept but “if there’s one thing I learnt at school, it is to ignore those comments” says Karim.

Howww.to sits in between the “YouTubes and Udemys of the world”. It attracts YouTube users who want the quality of Udemy’s contents. It claims to be providing the best of both worlds and also aims at upgrading the experience. Howww.to wants to reach 1 billion students. Yes, 1 billion! Howww.to’s users are largely entrepreneurs, product makers, business folks and designers. Plan is to build a library to help entrepreneurs and businesses save time and learn the necessary skills really quickly. There are plans of expanding into vertical markets as well.

While the service is available at free of cost at this point of time, Howww.to plans to offer a subscription model to help professionals learn new skills in record time and grow their businesses.

Do visit http://howww.to/.

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