Select Best Of The Consultants With Csquare!

Are looking for a consultant to cater your business issues? Well Readers, we bring to you the ultimate service that gives reliable reviews on consultants and consultancy firms around you.

Csquare is a community for consultants and their customers. It helps people find consultants by providing reviews from customers.

SH Cappel and J Sherman are the masterminds behind Csquare. The co-founders had an idea for a website service.

“We have been customers of consultants and we noticed that a place for giving and viewing consultant reviews didn’t exist,” said the co-founders.

The biggest stumbling block faced while the journey of Csquare was marketing the tool.

Csquare, the site enables users to find and provide reviews of consultants and display the services by consultants. Yelp stands as major contender for Csquare in the market however Yelp focuses more on restaurants and retail.Consultants and their customers are the punters of Csquare.


To know more about it, checkout the website:


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