elloBEE transforms the way you network

elloBEE founded by Tirthal Patel, is designed with ‘Lean Thinking’ and is an efficient, seamless, and a simple tool for seeking out talented individuals with the right skill sets, at the right time, anywhere, on-the-go, while also serving as a business card replacement.  elloBEE provides the means to leverage your network, a capability not achievable by using business cards. Furthermore, elloBEE provides an ‘active networking approach’, a capability not viable in other networking tools.

Tirthal Patel is an Engineer and a serial Entrepreneur from Cornell University (2006) and a seasoned industry engineer/consultant professional from some of the world’s most admired companies such as, Toyota, General Atomics Aeronautical, and A.T. Kearney.

“Having traveled either for work or for pleasure, it was never too difficult to be in a situation where a potential business contact or an acquaintance is introduced at the oddest of places, only to discover a pocket empty of business cards and a potential loss of a great networking opportunity” Says Tirthal.


Being a serial entrepreneur and a passionate problem solver, a solution was in the works to eliminate waste, achieve greater efficiency in active networking, add value to the end-user, and ultimately help the environment by saving countless trees. The solution ultimately yielded elloBEE, with a goal to actively Network Efficiently.

“One of the biggest hurdles was figuring out how to eliminate waste from the customer’s point of view by creatively thinking about providing an efficient design that is practical, functional, and seamless.” he adds.

Although there are many tools for networking, none offers an ‘active networking approach’ as simple as handing a business card to exchange valuable information. In the modern age, however, with fast paced lifestyle and the need for efficiency, business cards, also do not provide the level of efficiency and capability of leveraging one’s own network to grow globally.

Unlike business cards or other ‘passive’ networking tools, elloBEE is designed with ‘Lean Thinking’ to eliminate waste in networking by providing a natural evolutionary next step to the ‘active networking approach’ by incorporating instant electronic exchange of information/skill-sets in real-time while providing capabilities to leverage and expand network on a global scale. Therefore, elloBEE can be used to leverage your network and ‘actively’ seek out skilled individuals anywhere, anytime, on-the-go without the need to carry, collect, manage, worry about losing, or forgetting business cards at a networking event or any other event/place.

How is elloBEE different?

Other mobile applications have tackled the problem of simplifying the process of managing business cards by scanning and creating an electronic contact. However, they do not provide capability to search skilled individuals through an ‘active’ networking approach or seamlessly introduce multiple contacts to each other using the app and do not completely eliminate the need for business cards.


elloBEE aims to lead the way in how individuals go about networking and share unique skills, seamlessly and efficiently. Currently, 10 billion business cards are printed in USA alone every year, while 90% of business cards are thrown within a week. Furthermore, other popular networking tools are ‘passive’, fairly time-consuming, inefficient, and provide little value in finding the right skilled individuals, at the right time, anywhere, anytime, on-the-go, in real-time. elloBEE aims to address the ‘passive networking approach’ of other networking tools and the inefficiencies of using business cards by providing a platform that creates value and supports an ‘active networking approach’, seamlessly and efficiently. elloBEE is designed to cater to any individual with a mobile device that is looking to seek out skilled individuals, professionally or personally.

General Audience from various backgrounds. As well as professionals looking to efficiently network with other professionals globally.

elloBEE is currently free to download with a plan for various future growth strategies such as, in-app purchases and a personalized advertisement platform for monetization.

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