Manage your employees’ data efficiently on CakeHR!

A couple of years ago, Kaspars Upmanis’s digital agency was growing, it “started hiring new people and it came to a point where employee leave & personal data management became a mess.” This made him, along with Norberts Erts, decide to build an in-house tool to manage employees’ leave and personal data.

CakeHR is an easy-to-use HR tool for small and medium sized enterprises, which allows to store employees’ personal data and manage their leave (holidays, sickdays, etc) more efficiently than spreadsheets. It provides “cross-company clarity to every employee”. Employees get to know data like the number of holidays they are left with, about the colleagues who are away.


“Marketing and customer support was the hardest part” says Kaspars. He considers, and  as some of the competitors. CakeHR’s target customers are “small business owners and HR managers in medium-sized companies”. Monetization is through Saas – monthly pricing based on the number of employees a company has.

CakeHR offers a 50% discount for the first 3 months in the form of voucher code for StartupDope readers.

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