Use Attach to know what happens to your documents after you send them

When you send your presentations, proposals, and other high-value documents to someone, what happens to them?  Do you want to know if they’re read? Do you want to know who else are they shared with and who all were interested in them? Attach tells you what happens to your documents when you hit “send”. It tells you when they’re opened, who opens them, what they read, and who else they share it with. It also lets you stay in control with the ability to restrict access to your documents, even after you’ve sent them.

As a “sales guy”, you might have sent your email presentations, proposals, or other high-value documents to your leads.  Salespeople are already beginning to harness data to improve their sales process, and Attach gives them the data that they never had access to earlier. Attach helps you know who to follow-up with, who is involved in the sales process, and what they are interested in. Once you understand your leads’ ‘digital body language’, you’re better equipped to understand them, have more relevant conversations and close deals faster. It does this by telling them:
– who their most engaged leads are, so they can focus on those and stop wasting time on wrong ones.
– to be more relevant in their communication by knowing exactly what their leads are interested in.
– to follow up with them when they open the documents.


Attach was founded by Ryan Gum, James Burns-Howell, Niklas de Besche and Aref Abedi. Two of them are Swedish, one is an Australian and one is a Brit. “We’re based in Stockholm, and we’re part of the great startup community here” Ryan tells us.  (Visit He adds, “We’ve got a combined 40 years experience working in Sales and SaaS, so we understand the process and the psychology behind it to build a solution that solves the problems of salespeople. Two of our co-founders are also co-founders of another successful Sales SaaS startup they launched last year called Sparta (Visit, so we’re able to work closely with them in the sales market.”

The founders “wanted to build something that fixed their own problem and after asking around, they discovered other sales teams had this problem too.” Interestingly, Attach was started without a developer. “Luckily we were able to hack together a very minimal MVP, use it to get meetings with potential clients to validate our idea, and prove enough potential to attract a very talented CTO in James to complete our team.” Ryan tells us.

ClearSlide ( is Attach’s biggest competitor. “Since launching in 2009 they’ve raised $90m and have done a great job at solving this problem.” Ryan says. He adds, “We aim to solve the same problems as Clearslide, but give sales representatives even more insight and a better user experience. To achieve this we built an amazing ‘real-time’ feature that shows you the story of how someone engages with your documents as it happens, not just they looked at it and how much time they took. “

Attach is currently focusing on going deeper into engagement analytics to give its users even more insight into their leads’ digital body language. Then it plans to broaden the scope into natural areas like live pitching and email “to solve the bigger problem of sales communication.” Attach has been built for sales teams of all sizes. If a sales person is currently sending out high-value documents such as presentations, proposals, brochures, white papers, case studies, pricing sheets or product specs to his leads, all he has to do is plug Attach into his workflow and he’ll gain a huge amount of insight into what they’re already doing.  Attach also helps salespeople see what the latest sales trends and innovations are “to stay on top of their game”.

Attach is a freemium product. “There will always be a great free plan for solo users, and then business features start at $25 per user per month.” Ryan tells us.

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