Peach Makes Lunch Delivery For Professionals Easy!

Has ordering lunch from the same old restaurants near your office numbed your taste buds? Well we do not blame you after all variety is the spice of life. Ordering lunch every day sure is a daunting task. The annoying truth is that we take more time in deciding from where to order than actually eating it. Also, there are many times when you have to work through lunch and do not really have the time to step out of office or go through extensive menus and lists of restaurants to make your pick for delivery.

Well there is a solution to this problem. Relax! The answer is not starving, but it is Peach. Well this is a new app in tinsel town that is here to curate lunch for you and your co-workers. Trust us you will be astounded on how easily Peach delivers lunch to your front desk.

Peach Makes Lunch Delivery For Professionals Easy!

Meet The Genius Trio Behind It All!

Conceptualized and co-founded by Nishant Singh, Denis Bellavance and Chenyu Wang, Peach is here to make lunch easier for working professionals. Even restaurants can benefit a great deal from this app as it lets them reach beyond their neighborhood to an entire city where thousands of hungry people are looking for a more convenient lunch option.

“All it takes to create a food startup is a few hungry software developers willing to code their way to a more convenient lunch. The best products are born out of solving your own problem, and for busy professionals, lunch is both a saving grace and a problem. Peach pairs great food with great people, for lunch and beyond”, says the team.

The team comprises of 20 people who are strong and focused on making the world more convenient through food. They also bring many skills to the table so that they can take Peach to new heights.

Why Use Peach?

Peach is a revolutionary new lunch experience that utilizes SMS text based ordering. With a simple “YES” text response to a daily dish offer from local restaurants, lunch is delivered to your front desk. Lunches are always between $9 to $12 with delivery, tax, and tip included. It is in the teams own words, ‘Curated Lunch for You and Your Co-workers’.

How It Works?

Peach offers frictionless delivery of lunches. Once 50 users in your office create a online account, the team begins delivering. Once a business is activated, there is no minimum daily order required. Users receive a daily SMS text at 10:05AM with a “Dish of the Day,” sourced from the most popular local lunch spots in the city. When your order is placed before the 11AM cut-off time, food arrives at the front desk or lobby of your office between 12-12:30PM.  With Peach in your pocket, say “YES” to a better lunch today!

Peach Makes Lunch Delivery For Professionals Easy!

What Problem Is It Solving?

The team is here to answer the age old question of “what’s for lunch?” in a beautiful and easy manner. Even when you are tired of eating at the same restaurant around your office and want to conveniently order lunch from the best local restaurants in your city at a very minimal cost, Peach is the ONLY one who can get this done. Restaurants around the city are now at your fingertips.

Further, this app also comes in handy at times when we need to work through lunch and don’t have the time to leave the office to grab a bite. Delivery is consistent, and it’s built into the cost of the dish. With this app you no longer have to pay outrageous delivery fees or driver tips again.

Another huge benefit of ordering through Peach is that the lunch decision is made as easy as possible. Customers get a daily text in the morning with a single dish offer (of either Meat or Veggie). All they have to do is respond “YES” to the text, and lunch is delivered right to their front desk. Come on, if this isn’t easy and convenient, then we do not know what is!

The Driving Force!

The company was started out of necessity by the three founders who are Ex-Amazon employees. They found themselves growing tired of eating at the same handful of restaurants around the office, and were often too busy working through lunch to leave the office at all. They started to call local restaurants about delivering group orders at a discounted price, and then realized that there was a business that could be created around this. Peach was born, and since its launch the ordering process and customer experience has been optimized.

At the moment, this app has evolved to become the most convenient lunch ordering method for over 110 offices in the greater Seattle area.

Peach Makes Lunch Delivery For Professionals Easy!

On The Challenges Faced & Competitors!

One of the biggest hurdles for the team was optimizing the operations and logistics aspect of the business. When they started the company, they believed that Peach was solely a software/technology based venture. However, they quickly realized that the operations and logistics component is much greater than expected, if not the most crucial aspect of their business.

In terms of competition, any company that is into delivering food is a potential competitor. Also, restaurants that cater and deliver meals are competitor. However, there isn’t a single company out there that has Peach’s exact business model and so far no one is doing exactly what these guys are doing.

The Journey Ahead & Indented Users!

“Our plans for growth are limitless. We won’t say exactly where we are heading next, but we can say that Peach has plans to expand to multiple U.S cities in 2015”, says the team.

At the moment, the app is mainly targeted at working business professional in 50+ person companies in Seattle. This covers a wide array of job titles including developers, account managers, executives, creative designers, etc.

To sum it perfectly, with Peach you no longer have to put your work on hold to order lunch as this app makes ordering meals mind-blowingly easy.

Psst… Special Offers For Our Readers!

The team of Peach was kind enough to leave our readers with some exciting offer. They want to allow Seattle area StartupDope readers to try Peach for only $5.00. When new Peach users sign-up with the code “PEACHDOPE”, they’ll get their first order for only $5.00.

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