Feedient Brings All Your Social Life In One Place!

Social network sites are the norm these days. It is extremely popular amongst folks as it is the new savvy way to ‘stay-in-touch’ with your friends, family members and the latest news and trends. But since, we all have an outrageous number of social network handles; it is becoming increasing difficult to keep a tab on very single feed.

Well all you tech-savvy people, we introduce you to Feedient! It is this new web app in town that keeps all your social life in one single overview. With this platform, you can now seamlessly connect with Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube and RSS Feeds. No need to refresh or click on an update button as it will automatically send you the new posts as they arrive. That’s not all; Feedient also gathers all the notifications for your accounts in one single place. Wow these features surely make this web app our hot favorite!

Feedient Brings All Your Social Life In One Place!

Meet The Power Team!

Ideated and co-founded by Jesper Lindström and Xavier Geerinck, Feedient is here to unify your social life.

The duo has known each other for more than five years. They have started multiple development projects together for fun and profit and their latest and most ambitious attempt is Feedient. Both study computer science, with Jesper being in the last year of upper secondary school and Xavier being in his fourth year of college.

“We’re both to be considered as technical founders, but I’m more geared towards design and client-side web development while Xavier does the heavy “under the hood” programming,” further adds Jesper.

What’s So Unique About It?

Feedient is a web platform that gathers all your social content into a single beautiful application. “Unified social life” is the key word, with features such as unified notifications view and posting messages to all networks at once. At this time, this web application has support for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube and RSS feeds.

What Problem Is It Solving?

Social media is fragmented and inefficient. By aggregating consumers’ social media feeds into one interface, the team is in a good position to provide a faster, more modern and easy-to-use application compared to the social networks themselves who often need to be conservative with interface changes to keep their less tech-savvy users happy.

What Is The Inspiration Behind It All?

“I’ve long been annoyed by the inefficient way through which we consume social media – visiting site by site, or app by app. I was an avid user of Tweetdeck at the time, and figured I wanted something similar for all my line-up of social networks. While I had several attempts at Hootsuite, the old-looking cluttered interface was a real deal breaker for me, and I figured there is opportunity to build a better alternative, targeted at consumers rather than businesses,” says Jesper.

Feedient Brings All Your Social Life In One Place!

On Hurdle Faced!

Feedient is still at an early stage. However, the team’s biggest hurdle so far has definitely been to overcome the API limitations set by the social networks. They’re seldom very generous and approachable, and often greatly favor business-focused third party applications over consumer centric.

On Potential Contenders!

In term of competition, Hootsuite is a great competitor because of its dominance in the market as well as partnerships with social networks. The API limitations are the team’s biggest struggle, and Hootsuite has clearly managed to circumvent these through partnerships and the fact that they target businesses and don’t compete with the social networks in the same sense.

Also, the social networks themselves pose as a great threat. This is partly because they control the data Feedient provides and that they’re the default choice for the vast majority of people’s way of social media consumption.

On What The Future Holds & Intended Users!

“We’re hoping to support more social networks and soon expand into mobile. We’re also on the verge of launching our monetization strategy through a premium plan targeted at power users and small businesses”, says the team.

At the moment, Feedient is mainly targeted at power users. However, with the soon to be launched premium plan the audience is shortly intended to expand to small businesses as well. The audience is not geographically bound, but rather it involves everyone who’s actively consuming multiple social media feeds.

The Monetizing Model!

The free version of the product will be ad-supported and targeted at casual users. The team will also provide a paid plan for power users and small businesses that will provide more advanced tools including analytics and inbox-like replies interaction.

In short, to have all your social newsfeed unified, make sure to subscribe to Feedient today. With this platform never miss out on any important updates and news!!

For more information, do visit: https://feedient.com

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