Why You Might Be Interested in Freelance Content Writing

Working with people in an office sucks.  Imagine your life: getting up in the morning, commuting, going and sitting at a computer all day and writing for the same boss, the same content, commuting again, passing out and repeating the whole cycle again the next day. And the next.  Okay, so it’s not that miserable of a life, but let’s say you want more freedom, writing for different people on different topics, from your computer at home and only your eighteen cats and six dogs to keep you company.  Okay, scratch that, you want to sit in your local café and drink espresso all afternoon while writing articles like you would at your office.  Working freelance gives you the ability to do that, or sit at home with your feline companions, it doesn’t really matter, you just have to find projects and follow through, delivering quality content by the deadlines. Freelancing, as the name implies, gives you freedom to follow whatever schedule you want during the day (insofar as timings go – you still very much have deadlines to meet), allows you to work wherever you want (always wanted to travel? Now you can, and still get work done), and the like.  The hard part is finding projects, finding people who will actually follow through when it comes to paying you.  But once you figure out the logistics, becoming a freelance writer can be a rewarding experience.

Most freelance writers will not end up like Jean-Paul Marat. But like him, you too can write from the comfort of your own bathtub.

There are many publications (both online and offline) and blogs which hire freelance contributors, and so the options open to you are only limited by your skill and what you can find.  You just have to be vigilant, and jobs might come to you.  Then again, given that freelancing is all the rage these days for writers and their ilk, you might actually have a hard time.  So be sure that this is something you want to do, and something that you can deliver on.  Otherwise it’s pointless, and there is no dearth of writers who would be able to fill your place.  So if you are up for the challenge of getting freelance projects and can deliver quality content, then freelancing is probably a good option for you, assuming you have the resources.  If you don’t have decent writing skills, then it’s probably a bad idea to take on this idea of freelance content writing.  After all, there’s no shortage of bad content writers out there, who only produce meaningless drivel, and no one wants to read over that.  It’s a waste of time for the reader, and editors will hate you for it.  So have a unique style, proper grammar and punctuation, and you’ll go far.  Otherwise, forget it. But if you want to have the freedom to work from home or wherever, and have ideas that you think will work, then perhaps freelancing is for you.  Try giving it a shot.

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