Graphic Valet – Graphic Design for Small Businesses

As a consultant, Rafael Hernandez has seen a lot of business owners struggle with design tasks – in addition to running their business, there’s the need to tackle things like communicating their ideas and marketing while engaging their customers.  Graphic Valet provides unlimited, small graphic design tasks as a monthly subscription, with their services including unlimited tasks and revisions with no commitment or contracts.  Graphic Valet is a tool that helps businesses grow by handling “common” design tasks and providing quality designs that communicate their message visually.  Small business owners and entrepreneurs might not want to have or be able to afford a full time designer on their payroll. They might need banner ads, a simple business card, a Facebook or Twitter profile header or another small design task. Rather than spending valuable time pouring through freelance websites, design marketplaces and classified ads, Graphic Valet provides a quality, one-stop solution for their “common” design tasks.

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Rafael is an entrepreneur and designer with over 10 years of experience working with large corporations, small businesses and startups. He loves to design and create products and services that people love to use – whether it’s an app, website or custom digital solution, he loves to create engaging, memorable experiences for users. And as an entrepreneur, Rafael launched a successful line of solid colognes named Alfred Lane back in 2012. He has also worked as a consultant for small business owners looking to start, grow and expand their businesses. Graphic Valet provides a solution that gives business owners back their time by having a design ally who will handle their design requests in a timely fashion, for a fraction of the cost of a full time designer. The goal of Graphic Valet is to grow and expand their team of designers across the world, which will allow them to serve customers in different time zones and deliver work within hours of a request being submitted. The target audience is mainly startups, small business owners like dentists, chiropractors, consultants, small PR firms and anyone who has frequent graphic design needs. As such, Graphic Valet offers three different subscription packages for their customers, based on their different needs and requirements.

Another example of design work by Graphic Valet.
An example of design work by Graphic Valet.

Graphic Valet will have a limited time offer (for the next week) consisting of one-month free services when they sign up for one of their packages.

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