Roadtrippers: Your Roadmap To Places Less Traveled

We all have a fire for adventure burning in our souls. Exploring new and breathtakingly beautiful places not just delights the suppressed explorer in us but also leaves us with this feeling of awe where we are in one with the culture around us. But discovering such veiled beauties can be a gigantic task in itself as it may require hours of research.

Oh! Do not let such trivialities dampen your spirits. The good news is that there is a new app in town called Roadtrippers that lets you discover new places minus all the fuss. This platform is your map to finding unique places in the US that brings you closer to its culture and history.

Roadtrippers: Your Roadmap To Places Less Traveled

Meet The Co-Founders!

Ideated and co-founded by James Fisher, John Lauck and Tatiana Parent, Roadtripper is here to provide you maps to roads less ventured upon in the US.

James and Tatiana are strong advocates of the belief that everything interesting and worth pampering your thirst for adventure are just 5 minutes away. They throughout their travel chronicles have always gone that extra mile to find and stop at independent businesses in order to explore the local culture and history.

“We love to venture the beaten path, but often find ourselves in areas where local knowledge is essential to find interesting and independent places to visit or stay. We have consistently been blown away by the hospitality and service of small businesses catering to travelers, but we realized there were very few services that help them rise to the top. That was the initial inspiration,” says the team.

The Oomph Factor!

Roadtrippers is all about having maps built for travelers so that they can drive to the world’s most interesting places. Launched in July 2012, this app has since gained the popularity to make it one of the fastest growing US travel site.

Discovering the hidden gems along your route can require hours of research. Most travelers find themselves juggling a host of print and digital resources that detract them from this unique trip experience.  Thus the team decided to design a web and mobile platform that streamlines discovery, planning, booking, and navigation into one beautiful experience.

Roadtrippers: Your Roadmap To Places Less Traveled

On The Road Blocks & Contenders!

Creating beautiful designs is of paramount importance to the Roadtrippers experience. Thus for the team their biggest challenge was to find an open source map platform that prioritized design. However, they finally did stumble upon Mapbox that offered them the look they desired.

Further, in terms of competition, the team views TripAdvisor and Gogobot as their prime contenders. But unlike these travels sites, Roadtrippers aim is to offer travelers roadmaps to beautiful places that are less traveled.

On the Journey Ahead, Target Audience & More!

“Roadtrippers will understand places, and understand you.. Better than any other travel company can. We will sit in the background, and show you place you need to explore next, and get you there. We’ll perfectly fit to your tastes, the context of your travel, and what you want to do next. We’ll continue to work on our iPhone app, turn-by-turn navigation and expand our place coverage (which is at nearly 2M listings) internationally”, says the team.

At the moment, this platform is targeted at travel enthusiast, road trippers and in general anyone who is looking to explore the world around them.

In addition, Roadtrippers is a new kind of travel site that is tying together mapping, place discovery, booking transactions and navigation into one clean and simple interface. The team’s proprietary data on the world’s most interesting places, beautiful map platform, and in-house content generators also offers brands and destination marketers a unique and targeted value proposition.

So if you are someone who has a satiable appetite to explore new and beautiful destinations, then Roadtrippers is the app you need to download on your phones now. Grab their free mobile app by click on this link.

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