Learn To Play Music In Your Smartphones With Uberchord Engineering!

The entire world is currently ruled out by the smart phone dominance. People have fixed their eyes on the dynamics of android innovations. From social network to learning skills, everybody have enticed themselves to the smart environment of android.

Uberchord is a mobile app with a break-through audio recognition technology that enables real-time listening and feedback just like a personal guitar teacher. It enables a new guitar teaching method for the learners.


Meet The Virtuosos!

Eckart Burgwedel- the CEO, Simon Barkow-Oesterreicher-the COO and Martin Polak-the CTO are the prodigies who contemplated Uberchord Engineers. The proficient entrepreneurs have years of experience in software engineering and signal processing. The team of nine includes a head of marketing, a designer, a music professor, a professional and three iOS pros.

“We combine the fascination in mobile technology with our urge to perfect our musical capabilities. Our strongest motivation is to build something that we ourselves would use every day. Our vision is to change the way people learn a musical instrument.” expressed the co-founders.

The Success Story!

Eckart and Simon met on plane to Zurich. Having the proficient knowledge of music theory and pedagogy by years of study in their spare time, the entrepreneur had the initial idea to develop a better way of teaching an instrument that combines high-tech with a new learning method based on real-time feedback. However, it took almost 2.5 years of research to develop the patent pending chord recognition algorithm “ChordSense”.

“There were a lot of times when we thought that we have run into a wall but managed somehow to climb over it.”

The Music Gizmo, Uberchord Engineers!

Learning a musical instrument requires years of dedication and discipline, even with the support of a great coach. Traditional music education is indeed pricey and rare to find. The biggest challenge for learner is to keep up the motivation to practice regularly and in an efficient way.

While videos and online courses are convenient, viewers are solo rookies without any feedback and personal help. The existing learning software tutorials are based on mere technical note repetition, which does not cater the beginners.


The best way is to combine modern technology with innovative teaching concepts that convey both technique and musical knowledge in an approachable, playful and adaptive way.

Musical interfaces like GuitarBots by Ovelin, Piano Maestro by JoyTunes, Rock Prodigy by Music Prodigy, Inc. and Music Prodigy are the few strong footholds in the market, which gives the new Uberchord Engineers the contending power.

Uberchord Engineers focuses on guitar and piano players first — with complex polyphonic instruments it stands out best with its technical and conceptual advantages. However, the teaching holds well enough for most other instruments. The business model is spreading its wings across the entire market of musical education.

On Monetization Plans

Uberchord is a freemium app, thus it’s free to download with an already comprehensive set of features: a professional chord library, a lesson builder, the chord trainer and of course a high precision tuner. Users will be able to pay for content and advanced features, such as alternative tunings, transposition of chord progressions, and enhanced accompaniment. Later in 2015 Uberchord will introduce a monthly subscription for the growing  catalogue of exercises and songs.

Uberchord Engineering is currently looking for beta tester. Interested guitar player is invited to apply at https://www.uberchord.com/beta-test/

To know more, checkout the website: https://www.uberchord.com/


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