Time To Dine Smart With Appthetable!

Being in the restaurant business is always tricky when it comes to customer service. Apart from serving quality food you also have to pay close attention to make sure that the customer is tended to at all times. On the other hand, for a customer, the one thing that kills their dining experience, apart from unpalatable food, is their wait for either to place an order, get food on their table or get the bill.

To put all these issues to rest, there is soon going to be an awesome app in town called Appthetable that allows you to dine smart. This app helps empower customers to have more control over their dining experience and gives restaurants the ability to offer more accurate, faster and more customization service.

Smart Dine Appthetable

Meet the Co-Founders!

Appthetable was co-founded by Jutta Weigh and McCall Vollum. Even thought the duo share different backgrounds, they bring skills to the table that are complimentary to each other. Jutta is seasoned with knowledge from the restaurant field and thus understands how the product needs to be designed from the restaurants approach. On the other hand, McCall has a clear strategists approach on how to develop the concept into a profitable business and introduce it in the market.

Both these ladies work full time and juggle between various roles. The drive to get their start-up funded and get the word out there is mutual. They are driven and aim at becoming the next company for mobile ordering in restaurants.

What Makes Appthetable Tick!

This app helps in enhancing dining experience. Appthetable is a restaurant platform that enables customers to place orders, ask for service and pay by using a mobile application. What makes this app unique is the feature that it focuses on mobile ordering, whilst the customer is already in the restaurant.

Appthetable also helps restaurants connect with their customers in a modern yet inexpensive way. It even allows them to offer faster and more individual service. The aim of the app is not to make restaurants waiter free, but is to give a platform that allows them to get more orders in with less time. With Appthetable, restaurants no longer need to make expensive investments on staff training or additional hardware.

What Inspired It All?

The idea came from a real life situation. Jutta was working at a restaurant that had a terrace with over 100 seats and a poor layout. This lead her to think about how she could make management more efficient without having to make new investments towards new staff training or new POS units and wiring. Thus, Appthetable was created to solve similar problems in restaurants.

smart dining appthetable

On Challenges Faced and Competitors

Like most start-ups, the biggest challenge faced by the team was to get things down and organize the workload.

When it came to competitors, this is what the team had to say, “Biggest competitors are companies working with mobile payments and pre-orders in restaurants. More companies working on the same field do create interest around using technology solution in restaurants but it also makes it very competitive when similar companies are approaching restaurants at the same time”.

Appthetable Is Meant For…

Millennial, they are their biggest customer group as they are the ones that predominantly use smartphones, mobile apps and social media. This group of individuals also eats out more than any other age-group members. It is also a platform for new casual dining restaurants and bars that sell food as it helps them efficiently improve customer dining experience in the most inexpensive manner.

Appthetable will soon be available on your app stores. Presently, as with any early start-up the team is looking to close out on their first funding round and enter the market.

Yes the wait is killing us too! Even we can’t wait to get out hands on this app. Appthetable surely is a promising app that seems to have all the right formula to revolutionize the way people dine and restaurants cater to their customers.

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