How to Integrate Your Online Store with Other Business Solutions!

Online stores have suddenly picked up steam in the past few years. This trend is increasingly gaining popularity as customers are finally beginning to embrace the concept of online shopping. In order to keep up with this dynamic change, many businesses are now branching out and exploring the profitable possibilities of incorporating online stores to their existing business models.


The process of integrating an online store with other business solutions can get tricky. The more you grow your online store, the more you start to realize that you need new functionalities that were not included in the shopping cart package. Many retailers also feel a need for integrated solutions, instead of separated systems for running different types of tasks. The new tools and solutions can be assimilated as task specific software, extensions or multipurpose applications.

To know more about the options you need the most, continue reading.

Task specific software

Let’s say that you want to manage your orders in a more efficient way. What you probably need is order management software that can be integrated with your online store, so you can conduct all operations on one platform. If you run a few different online stores, the need for this software is particularly urgent. A good example of order management software is ShipStation. This can be integrated with Amazon and WooCommerce to manage both online stores on one platform.


Extensions are solutions, which can be integrated with your online store to provide new functionalities. These are usually implemented within the existing system, so you can use them as a part of the shopping platform. Extensions are often very easy to use, but might be difficult to write and implement. If you are considering Magento eCommerce web development, hire a professional who will help you install new extensions.

Multipurpose applications

Multipurpose applications are designed to simplify the process of information flow from one system to another. The best example of a multipurpose application is Zapier that can be used to create connections between devices and applications. It allows almost unlimited connections, for example, you can connect your shopping cart with your smartphone and receive a text message whenever a new order is placed in your online store. Zapier supports Magento and many other hosted shopping carts and email software.

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