Live Streaming made easy with Castasy

The new live streaming software to suit all your live streaming purposes perfectly – Castasy.


Gone are the days where events were recorded, edited and then broadcasted. An easy solution came in the form of live TV and pay per views. Live streaming streaming made easy and swift broadcasts a possibility and the live viewing experience changed the way viewers preferred watching broadcasts. And all that was needed was just a click and the viewer had real time, in-person like experience to events happening all the way across the globe. Live streaming has broken the ice between broadcasting and viewing and has never had a replaceable solution till date.

web casting made easy with castasy

Live streaming though introduced in the early 90’s, attained acclaimed fame only in the recent years. Thanks to the smartphones and tablet computers. More and more corporations, high schools, and places of worship have taken to live streaming to enable their members in far-off places view their events live.

Though easy and fast, it doesn’t come for free. And with channels charging from $49 to several dollars for monthly subscriptions, streaming an event live has become a costly affair.

With service providers charging a hefty sum for every broadcast, having a broadcast service of their own might serve the best possible solution but needs a live streaming software and a server that are quite expensive and pose a threat to the idea right at the initial stages.

live streaming made easy with castasy

And a cost efficient solution has arrived in the form of a software – Castasy. This new live streaming software comes as mobile compatible versions for both iOS and Android devices and also as a desktop version. The software saves users their monthly subscription charge by allowing them to have an application and website that could stream live videos with their very own live streaming software.

‘Cast-a-sy’ the acronym for cast a sea of data, allows ultra fast streaming and comes as a website and mobile applications compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems.

With a software of their own, broadcasters can now stop relying on other businesses for running theirs. As a full package, the software comes with features like 100% source code, all three versions of the software (iOS app, Android app and a website), an admin panel and installation documents. In addition to these, the buyer gets free life time upgrades on the software and free support for a period of three months.

Castasy provides each buyer with their very own streaming server. The buyer gets the NGNIX-RTMP live streaming server, the best in the streaming business. The server supports all three major protocols; RTMO, HLS and MPEG-DASH. Faster and much lighter than the other servers, NGINX-RTMP provides multicast support and can handle upto 10,000 simultaneous connections.

As soon as a user starts streaming a video, the application notifies his/her twitter followers enabling them to watch their stream instantly. The user/broadcaster can also allow or deny access to any follower. Each video gets a separate URL and posting the URL in their browser users can view the video at their desktops with the website version of the software. With different URLs users have the facility to view a number of videos with the browser version of the software. The live streaming software also withholds a chat feature facilitating viewers to chat on videos as they are streamed.

Supporting high quality audio and video, Castasy comes as a full package with installation for just $598 with expert installation as well. And as another package of $699, the software comes with all the above mentioned features but a WOWZA streaming server.

With Castasy, no broadcaster now has to spend on subscription charges and rely on other broadcasting channels.


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