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The morning was rather busy and eventful for George. His usual regime for sunup is to order steaming hot coffee and skim through the headlines from the new paper while gazing at the lawn, which lies alongside his open garage. So, it went well, but last night, the storm that hit the grounds created a mess of everything and his car was dusty and smeared with leaves from the oaks tree.

George being the perfectionist of his persona could not endure the sight of his first love, Jaguar in this state especially when he was about to attend most important meeting for the months. He had to look tinsel and spectacular in his appeal and the car was indeed his pride that intensified his guise. He wondered if he had the time to scrub his car. The clock ticked 8, “but I just have an hour to rush to the client’s office for the meeting”, he thought.

There he stands baffled and bemused about the situation. He wished that he had a car washer, who can come in short notice to make things better. Then he remembered his friend suggesting him ‘Uber for Car Wash’ . “A saviour!” he thought while he was still skeptical about the service. However, there wasn’t another option anyway.

A dust-covered Jaguar E-Type which has been hidden away for more than 25 years is expected to sell for £90,000 at auction.See swns story SWJAGUAR. The 1973 Jaguar E-Type Series III V12 Manual Roadster has been owned by the same family its entire life.But it has hardly been used and has been off the road for a quarter of a century - with the 1990 tax disc still stuck on the windscreen.In 1993, the original owner gave it to his son, who kept it garaged before it was passed onto the owner’s son following his death last year.And despite being more than 40 years old, the convertible has been driven just 7,700 miles in its lifetime.The current owner, who is the grandson of the man who bought the Jag, has now decided to sell it through Silverstone Auctions on May 23.

He grabbed the phone, ordered for the ‘Uber for Car Washing’ via the app and went for a shower, all that while thinking about the his car. ‘Uber for Car Washing’ is an  instant service. As he came out and dressed himself he took a peek of his car from the ajar of the window, it was done! “Magical” he murmured and believed in ‘Uber for Car Washing’ service. He drove for meeting confidently and for sure thankfully.

A little help can add so much to people’s life. ‘Uber for Car Washing’ service indeed is a blessing for others and it is ready to serve  from dawn to dusk. Ladies and gentlemen, we provide you such incredible script that can make lives better for sure. To start something as effective, make use of the tailor-made script for ‘Uber for Car Washing’ by MOWARES.

The service connects the car owner with the vendors, who are willing to wash the cars in the nearby location, which gets the job done instantly, how convenient!

If you are aspiring to be the connecting dot for multitudes, the script is available at http://gentleninja.com/uberforcarwashingserviceapp/

You can integrate it with your business model, which will work wonders for you.  Or if you know 10 people who are looking to wash cars for additional income, use them as your freelance Uber Washers and start this venture with this readymade script TODAY!
















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