How to select a good tablet computer

This is a world of IT. You cannot run away from all the technological advancements happening right under your nose. People felt at the top of the world when they acquired laptops. Lesser did they know that tablets are also on their way making their lives more convenient and their handbags lighter. With the advent of tablets, the whole world seemed to squeeze in the palm of your hand. Many companies started launching new tablets with unique features owing its popularity. There are many features with which you can categorize these tablets.

  • On the basis of platform:

The first and foremost principle on which these tablets act and run is the platform. The exceptions are there but majority of them either run on Android or Windows. Both these operating systems are more or less same but are excellent for consuming movies and other sources of entertainment. Whether it is for reading e books and sharing web images, both are equally wonderful. Social media websites such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram etc can be readily accessed from all IPad as well as tablets.


  • On the basis of display:

Display of the tablets varies in two to three ways. The devices which have a 7 inch display are approximately the size of a paperback book. These are highly effective for reading, playing and watching during travelling. If you are not satisfied with the 7 inch display size then the 10 inch display is also available for you. They will provide you with a more widely watching experience. However they are a little bit heavy and bigger to carry on the move owing to their large size. The last category is called the “phablet” or the 6 inch display sized tablet. It is called a phablet because it is actually a phone and tablet merged together. The world-renowned devices such as iPhone and Samsung galaxy devices all fall under this category.

  • On the basis of connectivity:

Wifi and cellular are the two major factors to be taken into account when it comes to connectivity. Ideally all tablets should possess wifi connection. However many people prefer the cellular type as it also has the slot to insert a Sim in it. Other features that enhance the connectivity session of a tablet are Bluetooth and NFC.

  • On the basis of storage:

Get the maximum storage you can when it comes to buying tablets. 16GB is the minimum storage you can acquire in a tablet but always try opting for more storage. Be aware which operating system is installed in the tablet as some of the storage is also being utilized by the operating system. This means that a 16GB tablet does not necessarily have full 16 gigabytes of memory to use at the end of the day. The idea of expanding storage is also there. You can easily insert an SD card also. But the SD card is not a perfect idea. This is because although your storage capacities will be enhanced but the performance of your device might be badly affected.

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