Uber for Cookie service ‘Cookie Finder’ finds cookie selling girl scouts nearby

Technology is synonymous with our lives in 2k15. Whether it is the newest apple gadget, dating apps, or online banking- we use technology constantly to make our lives easier. But when it comes to tech tools and the world wide web- sometimes things get taken too far.
I say this because of the new “Cookie Finder” app for girl scouts. Yes. A cookie finder app. You can type your location and find when and where girl scouts are selling your favorite thin mints.

Technology is all fun and games; but are we risking the lives of children so we eat sweets more conveniently?
Girl scout cookies are sold during limited times of the year- and by buying them, you’re supporting a great organization that helps young girls become leaders.
Let’s hope that this app only brings success to the girl scouts, so we can continue to eat our cookies without feeling too guilty.

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