7 inspirational movies that Entrepreneurs should watch

We look for different avenues, when we need something to inspire us. Movies, for instance have a way of being our support system when we need them. Sometimes, it’s these movies that help us understand that things could’ve been done a little better or maybe, just a kick in the rear, to remind you that you need to get started. Being an entrepreneur, these movies provide a good amount of inspiration needed. Of course, all these movies have certain  key lessons that would be valuable to you as an entrepreneur at any point of time.

1. The Ultimate Gift

One of the most inspiring movies I’ve seen, The Ultimate Gift is about a rich spoilt grandson Jason Stevens, who has to go through a series of test given by his grandfather who passed away recently, in order to know what he would inherit. He starts with going to a ranch and working there, to losing everything. Once he completes all of these, he discovers what’s in store for him from his grandfather.

Key Take  Away: “Life is how you live it…., Not how you spend it”. The journey he undertakes is incredible, it makes us realize that we have to leave our comfort zone to know our true potential. 

 2. Money Ball

Money Ball is about a team that is an underdog and also isn’t cash strapped, like the other big teams. The team couldn’t afford its players, and all their important players are leaving to join bigger teams. That’s when Billy Beane, the team’s General Manager comes to the rescue and tries to create a winning team from whatever is left of the team.

Key Take Away: Entrepreneurs will learn that they can rethink and create an alternate way, to break the traditional approach of doing something and yet stay ahead of others, without much investment. I know it’s a bit clichéd but, Winners are not the ones who do different things, but rather those who do things differently.

3. Wolf of Wall street

Inspired by the life of Jordan Belfort, Wolf of Wall Street is packed with lessons that can kick you in the rear to get you started, if you haven’t. Are you doing your best in what you were doing? Yes? Good. No? here’s your reality check. I’m not asking you to sell fake stocks, but what I’m talking here is the marketing lesson that you can derive from it. Though it didn’t earn Leonardo Di Caprio any Academy Award, it sure taught us some valuable lesson that we can implement it in our work lives to get more disciplined.

Key Take Away: ‘The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it’.

4. Jerry McGuire

Jerry McGuire is a Class A sports agent at a Talent management company, who knows what he’s doing and is the best. He’s got a great life and big clients; He decides that it’s time for his company to change the way they think and proposes his new thoughts to the rest of the company, which works against his favor and he loses his job. But he doesn’t sit there worrying about it, he knocks on the door of all his clients; everyone turns their back on him, except for one, client, Rod Tidwell. He works hard to make him a star player and how he achieves it, forms the rest of the story.

Key Take Away: It’s okay to lose everything; your job, your car, your apartment. But what you need to have is the courage to get back up and try to achieve things that you couldn’t, when you had a job.


 5. Million Dollar Baby

Rocky has been widely written about, Million Dollar baby which is almost on the same lines, but about how a woman wants to achieve her dream of being a professional boxer and works for it by going to great length to make it happen. She even convinces the coach to train her, as she shows him that she isn’t a waste of his time.

Key Take Away: Million Dollar Baby tells you when you are determined to win; even the odds will work in your favor. All you have to do is get ready to Sweat it!

 6. October Sky

October Sky is based on a true story; where two friends after getting inspired by the launch Sputnik 1, are out to build their own model rocket. He faces arrests, assaulted by his step father and had to give in to family pressure to work in the coal mine. He gets involved in a tragic coal mine accident and decides that it isn’t for him; he gets back to building rockets and eventually becomes a NASA engineer.

Key Take away: For those who are wondering why October Sky made it to the list; it’s simply because it tells you no matter what hardships you face and even if the whole world is against you, never give up on your dream. Protect it, nurture it and most importantly Work hard to make it happen.

7. Pirates of Silicon Valley

This ones my personal favorite. Any guesses? Yes, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. This biopic shows the beginnings of Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Apple, Microsoft and Bill Gates. It shows how a 20-year-old takes on a Huge Corporation like IBM and the trouble he goes through to establish his company. Teaches you the importance of building your own dream and not others.

Key Take Away: It doesn’t matter if someone copies your idea, what matters is the execution and how well you do it. Nobody can copy that. We can relate to current scenarios of Apple and Microsoft to understand this. 🙂

Are you inspired enough to get back on track? Good, now share this with your friends. They might need it. 🙂

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