Integrate your Website, Business and apps in the Facebook Messenger Platform for maximum exposure

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With 600+ million user and growing, Facebook has been pushing us to install their flagship messenger app every now and then,  we seemed to have figured out why. Zuckerberg mentioned that Facebook was like a family within that the messenger would be their key product. Facebook constantly aims to build in super interactivity into their app. with the inclusion of emojis, stickers and call feature. They didn’t stop there.

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Posted by Facebook Developers on Wednesday, 25 March 2015

At F8, Facebook’s developer conference, they unveiled Facebook messenger as a platform and Facebook messenger for business. Facebook envisions Messenger to be a platform where all the developers would deeply integrated their apps, this would trigger higher level of engagement of the developer’s app and maximize the install rate.

In the case of Giphy, which had integrated it’s service into Facebook’s platform early on,

When a person gets a message from his or her friend with giphy’s content through the Facebook messenger app, they’ll see a link to reply back with giphy’s content if they’ve installed Giphy app on their phone or if they haven’t, instead of the reply option; a link to download the app will be shown.

With these features it will be easier to discover new content and also the source app it originated from.

This, Facebook believes would boost the interactivity of the app. It is also considered as a smart move by Facebook, if they had to build each and every functionality the other apps offer, messenger app would be bloated and sluggish to run on any device.

All the attention your App needs

Facebook aims at clearing the clutter at the App stores across all mobile platforms, App stores are filled with a lot of junk apps which confuses the users. The developer team at Facebook carefully went through trending apps, hand picked the ones they liked and got in touch with some to get on board the messenger platform. They believe that they can carefully curate Apps that add value and entertainment to the user, thereby bringing important apps to the spotlight.

Facebook messenger platform already has 40+ services like ESPN, Bitmoji, JibJab, Noah Camera, Pic Stitch, JJ Abrams’ studio Bad Robot’s Action Mobie FX, Legend, Giphy, FlipLip, Memes, PicCollage, Boostr, Camoji, Dubsmash, EmotionAR, EMU,Gif Keyboard, GifJam, Hook’d, Imgur, Imoji, Keek, Magisto, Meme Generator, Score! on Friends, Selfied, Shout, Talking Tom, The Weather Channel, and many others on board.

Facebook messenger for business

Facebook even forays into business solutions, reaching customers will be easier as they have 600 million users using messenger. eCommerce businesses will be able to communicate to their customers, give out their order confirmations, shipping updates and much more, it not only brings the customers close to the business, it adds value to your brand as well.

Initially, Facebook is working with Zully and Everlane. Both these eCommerce sites will show their shipping, order tracking information, modify requests through the messenger app.

Customers Live Chat

Facebook has been working with Zendesk to bring the live chat experience for businesses easier, why wait for the customers when you can reach them directly on their messenger.

One more thing that businesses can do on Messenger is to notify the customers about new products using messenger’s Push notification service.

Top 5 sites to learn how to implement Push notification into your App



To get started Facebook has released the Facebook platform SDK for developers or If you would like the Messenger to be integrated by Experts, you can check out these folks HERE

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