Intraboom provides a easy way to communicate between teams

Communicating and coordinating between teams can be a tedious task, to help small and medium size businesses, Palm Beach based Intraboom launched an affordable cloud-based communication service.

Christine Ziebell, Founder and CEO of Intraboom, says “The beta-phase has been extremely valuable and has helped us perfect our product. A focus group of more than 100 beta-users provided detailed feedback, most of which was extremely positive. More than 80 percent of these users said they would recommend Intraboom to a company or a colleague”.



During the Beta phase they realised that there were a large number of early adopters and they also realised that there is a huge demand for a product like Intraboom in larger organizations.

The service provides an all-in-one platform with comprehensive messaging systems (bulletins, discussions, online chat, mobile text messaging etc.), file sharing, calendars and tasks, to name a few of its core functions. It also promotes social networking within the workplace through sharing and commenting of photos and videos.

Intraboom’s offering were considered to be far more comprehensive than that of its competitors like Slack, grouprocket, etc. The feedback received in the beta-phase also influenced Intraboom’s final pricing model and decision to offer small businesses a free version of the product.



“There is a clear need for an efficient collaboration tool such as Intraboom in today’s business world, but cost can be an issue to small businesses. You also have to remember that employees are generally not interested in using new technical tools if the don’t seem easy and intuitive at first glance,” states Ziebell.

Certain Studies show that intranets and collaboration tools such as Intraboom can significantly increase efficiency of communication and productivity in the workplace.

“It’s encouraging to see that companies are realizing what efficient communication can bring to their bottom line,” says Ziebell. “We are here to help them achieve that.”

When asked about the security of the data, Ziebell mentioned that Intraboom is hosted on Microsoft Azure Enterprise Cloud, that takes care of all the security measures, In order to maximize data security, the connection between a user and the cloud is also SLL encrypted.

According to Ziebell, Intraboom wishes to minimize the time used to communicate between teams and improve efficiency without relying entirely on Email. As he considers that Emails are a thing of the past.

Intraboom is available for free, with no credit card information required, at

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