KiwiConnect-The Newly Evolved Leisure Pursuit Space!

We all agree to the saying “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”. There is an immense need to reconnect ourselves to our inner passion in the lost world. KiwiConnect brings in a networking platform to congregate the avid players (people having any kind of hobbies), it notifies you about the latest events dealing with your hobby.


Founders of KiwiConnect

Darren Terpstra is a marketing proficient and James Hawes is the coding and implementation person. The underground of the start-up has been growing since 3 years ago.

“Firstly we want people to be more connected, less isolated in the increasingly isolated world. Secondly, we hope to help fight human trafficking with our profits (we are partners with a non-profit)”.

“As for how I came up with the idea. I had moved back to Wisconsin after college and was completely disconnected (all of my high school friends had moved away). There was no one on meetup, and I was not willing to pay 12-19 bucks a month to get a group up and running. After asking other people, they said they also would love a central website to find people and events for the things they love.” said Darren.

More about the Web App

The application is integrated for people to connect over their activities. It’s a one-stop technological shop for hobbies and events around you. The web app enables you to share your events with others, easily creating a huge event with everyone around who’d be interested. Users will also be able to create tournaments with a single click.

If you are bored on a Friday nights, you can browse the community board for events that needs more people (like a board game night or three on three basketball tournament).

It’s a free app, and there is only one group per activity per city. Instead of elitist leaders and their crewmembers, you have a democratic group where everyone is welcome. The security features of KiwiConnect are amazingly great. Unlike Meetup where people browsing in Google can find out who is going to be away from their home, without even logging in.


The other credible substitutions for the app are meet-up, regular text messages, and Facebook groups but none is as integrated as KiwiConnect.

Though it’s a free app, its monetization schemes includes advertising and eventual event sponsorship.

All you sporty hearts out there be ready to rock your passions.‘Startup Dope Readers’ enroll to get a chance at membership T-shirts or stickers.

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