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Travelling teaches you so much: about different cultures, different topographies and even reveals different sides of your own self. I think the word “Travel” is an abbreviation for “The Really Awesome Versatile Experience of Life”! I have to Google whether that’s accurate.

But as they say, the Devil’s in the details. So planning a travel takes a considerable time and effort. And even then, ensuring all the various services availed – like cabs, tour guides – play along nicely with your schedule makes the whole process feel more like a throw of dice than something deserving to exist in the 21st century! Luxe Travel Network is your perfect online agent simplifying every step involved in travelling, leaving you to pleasantly anticipate your well deserved vacation instead of dreading it!

Luxe Travel Network


About the Startup

Luxe Travel Network is founded by Lance Tucker. A young solo entrepreneur with a passion for technology and travelling. He studied both business and engineering and brings a unique perspective to Luxe, enabling him to make it both a B2C and B2B service. When asked to describe Luxe, he lays it down, “Luxe Travel Network is quite a lot of things. It’s a travel financing platform for young adventurers looking to get a painless full travel package. It’s a Global Distribution System (GDS) developer, meaning it integrates with the service industry surrounding travel. It’s provides revenue management, BPO and sales and marketing coordination for small travel agencies looking to utilize Luxe’s business and logistical solutions. Lastly we are a fully stocked travel knowledge database and have international social media presence.”

Phew! That’s a lot great business ideas packed into one venture! Quite simply, its putting together all aspects of Travel into one, easily accessible, website, for both travelers and travel businesses alike.

The idea behind the startup is a noble one. Lance feels deeply about the role of travel in addressing the present environment of intolerance borne out of cultural ignorance. Our over-reliance on media have distorted our percepition of relity and we have forgotten how to “see for ourselves”. Says Lance, “The more we make the world accessible the more we can educate the world to interact with each other, resulting in a lot less people feeling certain ways about other cultures.”

Despite facing financial challenges, the company is holding on to its beliefs and is confident that it will accomplish its goals.

About their Plans

“Healthy competition makes for a better market, and by helping other companies I will be helping my own business as well”, is how Lance feels about competition from larger and established agencies. And it is admirable.

Luxe Travel Network is looking simplify and modernize travel arrangements. “We make sure all information is shared between suppliers, ensuring that the financial end of things are ready as soon as the travel is booked. You no longer have to pay with your credit card and face high interests and recurring, arbitrary charges.” Luxe is also helping street-corner agencies with their sales force and customer service management.

The company has corporate headquarters in Seattle but they are pushing for global expansion with regional cloud based call centers servicing agencies in every country.

Luxe is not lookig to cozy up to Venture Capitalists and instead use crowd funding or Angel funding for their business.

Special Offer

Luxe Travel Network is giving discounts to Startup Dope readers. Just drop a mail to [email protected] and tell them about this article! Once you have the discount, head over to their website to plan your travel extravaganza!

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