Make those window blinds go smart by using FlipFlic

How convenient would it have been if those ordinary looking window blinds of yours could just magically help in maintaining the temperature you need or let you sleep for an extra half-hour without the sun rays falling on your face? You don’t need to look far because Jalousier, Inc., a US- based company has come up with FlipFlic, a gadget that can be attached to almost any regular blinds and they will magically turn into self- adjusting smart blinds set according to your requirement.

To start using the gadget, all you need to do is simply clip the gadget on the blinds and it will work according to the settings you have provided using their dedicated app. FlipFlic comes in two versions that would be compatible with both horizontal and vertical type blinds.


There are three modes in the app that the user can set as per the requirement. The Automatic mode lets you set the temperature and the amount of sunlight you need inside the room and the gadget will respond according to the setting by adjusting the blinds. The Schedule mode allows you to open or close the blinds automatically based on the timer set. The Manual mode lets you override both the modes and lets you adjust the angle at which the blinds should be open. You can also allow multiple users to control the gadget by simply adding them to the group.

The gadget is powered by a Li-Po built-in battery that could be recharged via micro USB connected to a solar panel. This provides a clean energy source contrary to its earlier generation where the user had to constantly replace the AA batteries. If you choose not to use the solar panel, FlipFlic can also be charged via the micro USB connected to a regular power source.

Ksenia Vinogradova, founder of Jalousier, Inc. says that she came up with FlipFlic after she got tired of adjusting the window blinds several times a day. She also tells that the major hurdle was to come up with a device that shall be external so that it can be adapted to any type of blinds thereby requiring no mechanical change to the blinds. “Developing automation algorithms and a lot of field-testing was necessary for the sensors present in the gadget to work efficiently”, she concluded.

The company looks to target people who are into smart home tech and prefer products that work instantly out of the box.

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