Snitch – A drone camera for the whole family

Friends gather. Conversations flow. The food is eaten. Someone squeals “selfie!” All of you gather. The ensuing ruckus is one that involves various camera positions to capture the perfect group selfie, only to find that you look like a dying walrus in all the photos and best friend’s face has been cut in half in all the photos.

Say goodbye to bulky selfie sticks, come May 2016. The flying camera is here. Yes, that’s right, a flying camera that is going to re-vision photography and defense while opening up a realm of exciting possibilities.

Snitch is a reinvented, safe, and easy-to- use flying camera. It provides you the most intuitive way to take natural photos out on occasions. No more “Could you please take a picture of us?”


Snitch’s unique angle ensures that you take pictures and videos freely from the air. The main goal of Snitch is to free photography-lovers from routine, leaving only free and pleasant feelings in the pictures and video. Stream emotions you are feeling right now to your parents, friends and the rest of the World. It is also compatible with Periscope. Snitch takes shot automatically when it sees you in the frame.”3! 2! 1! Cheeeese!” – a voice announcement helps you to get ready. The world’s first flying camera ball can hover in the air for 10 minutes at a time and take amazing 360° panoramic photos and videos sans hands. How does it work? Simply throw it up in the air and choose your favorite view via your smartphone, or let Snitch choose the best vantage with automatic face detection — the rest is history.

Snitch uses two propellers to pass air through itself. This creates a lift force. This is designed to hold one position very steadily, similar to a ‘virtual tripod’. It gives you a feeling of a personal photographer anytime, anyplace. The early adopters of Snitch are: travel bloggers, vloggers, photographers and videographers, street performers, sportsmen, dancers, workout athletes. Snitch has a powerful HD Camera and a PCB with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules that make it ridiculously easy to take picturesque photos and create astounding visual content.

How does the Snitch remain airborne, you ask? The Snitch has a Gyroscope, Accelerometer and Magnetometer that work with the ducted fan that all run on 2 Li-Po batteries 1000 mAh each. All of these specs combined in a small ball shaped form plus a unique control system make Snitch a unique product to be sold on the market.

The social media world waits for you. Take it by storm easily! #selfiedrone

If you’re interested, you can read more about it here:

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