Mango Salute brings back the tradition of Greeting Cards

As technology makes it easier to stay in touch with family and friends, it is becoming increasingly difficult to deliver messages that have a lasting impact. We indifferently post a generic message for a mundane occasion to a face in our “friends” list and move on to the next notification. We are losing touch with our human core and becoming just a database record in the online universe.

Nothing beats paper when trying to convey an emotion. Except actual face time! Mango Salute will deliver physical, original fine art cards from renowned artists that give people you care about the acknowledgement they deserve.

About the Founder

Ariel Resnik is passionate about travel, culture and people. “I grew up in Sydney, Australia, the son of a human rights lawyer and financial entrepreneur, one of five siblings and keeper to a menagerie of dogs, cats and turtles. My childhood was chaotic and this easy-going creative environment shaped my outlook on life. Straight from school, at the age of 17, I set out to travel the world, spending 9 months exploring the Middle East and Europe. Upon returning to Sydney I studied a Bachelor of Business majoring in Marketing – but my feet are restless and I haven’t stopped travelling since.” He has stayed at 5 continents and learned many languages. Prior to starting Mango Salute he worked with an NGO in Peru building basic services for impoverished communities which had a profound impact on him.

Ariel launched Mango Salute in October 2014, and today he fittingly lives in Tel Aviv, the start-up capital of the world. He named Mango Salute as a tribute to his family; Mango season in his childhood home meant a break from the squabbles and gathering in the kitchen for simple wholesome treats. Its an ethos he hopes to emulate with his greeting cards.

About the Startup

Mango Salute is aiming to transform the common cold greeting card into the warm embrace of a meaningful message and the endearing intentions of a tangible memento. Says Ariel, “Even though we have an array of tools at our disposal (WhatsApp, Skype etc.), none feels like they truly make an impact or relay the emotion in our personal communications.”

They have a widespread international presence with a community of artists, designers, illustrators and photographers located in over 30 countries around the world. Along with fine art cards, Mango Salute also allows users to add their own images and message. A unique feature is that you can also share a song or record a video message that is encoded  (as QR code stamp) onto your physically delivered card.

The startup faced its share of struggles that we at Startup Dope look forward to chronicle for everyone to learn from. “Success does not come easily, at least for most Startups. Setting up a business is an emotional and financial roller coaster. Some days we are on top of the world. Others in the depth.”

“Every entrepreneur faces their own unique personal and business challenges. Remaining positive and finding the way to keep pushing, no matter how tough things seem. Experience teaches us that we need to persist, even through the difficult moments, if we are to achieve our dreams.”

And we agree!

About their Plans

Mango Salute considers most of its target audience to be located in US, UK and Australia and have printers at these locations although they ship internationally.

They are going up against big names like Hallmark and Cardstore and have a competent product offering many unique features like original artwork, ability to add video or a song and high quality paper sourced from sustainable forests.

The sale of each Fine Art Card is essentially divided as a profit share between the artists, printer and Mango Salute. Each card is priced £4.50/$7.50 USD/$8 AUD/€5.50 with free international shipping. Mango Salute also gives a minimum of 10% of profit to sustainable social enterprises and charities.

Special Offer!

Mango Salute is offering a flat 40% discount for the first 100 Startup Dope readers! Use the coupon code startupdope and save money gifting your loved ones an exquisite piece of art!





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