LearnSauce: Your Very Own Library For DIY Tutorials & Source Codes

“As sentient beings our quest for knowledge and learning is insatiable. Just when we have mastered an art, our greed to learn another emerges.”

Standing there, with a glass of coffee with three sugars, he was deep in thought. His semester exam will begin in half an hour at his college, which was a short walk away. His client who was at the other end of the city would really appreciate it if he could spend the whole day, manning the launch of a web app that he created for him as a freelancer. What would you do?

If I take a guess… you would have stuck to the norm and walked right into your college gate. But this scrawny kid chose to brave the odds and walked out on what we think is the most important aspect of our lives. I have had the privilege to meet this very REBEL, Thamizh Arasan, fondly called “ T-Rex “, owing to his DOTA handle.

Even this rebel had a conventional upbringing. There was nothing extraordinary about him. It was the social code to follow the herd that gave him the superpower of thinking ahead of time. So yes it was us, SOCIETY, which compelled him to think like a superhero who could save us from the despairs of an outdated curriculum.

The top ten technologies in use and whose expertise are in-demand right now, have no place in our so-called “coveted” Indian institutions. Instead, what do we find? Victorian era project management techniques and 8086 microprocessor programming. Yet, that is what is being taught and tested year after year with no hope of revision. This phenomenon is sending out next to non-productive computer engineers all buck naked into this cut-throat wild world that is looming with predators of high knowledge.

So, the task of catching up to where the world is right now, starts with trying to learn iOS or Android or Node.JS in the most brain-numbing form in apparent ‘reputed’ institutions like NIIT and CSC in India. But they are a whole lot theory oriented, probably to justify 80 hours of classes taught by people who have passed exams on that technology but never built anything awesome with it, explaining each and every detail of how the technology came to be, why it is so, etc. Can you imagine learning metallurgy, textile technology and woodcarving before firing an arrow for your dinner? I don’t mean to be harsh, but this to me is like the blind leading the blind. How can anybody teach anyone how to create a mind-blowing app without even dirtying their hands first?

Well, LearnSauce is here to give you that beacon of hope. It helps folks that have this undying thirst to build amazing things using technology. You learn the technology as a side effect, just as a means to an end. At this startup, they do not believe in beating around the bush. They love to go straight for the kill!!

The Secret Sauce!

To quench your thirst for skills in web and mobile development look no further than LearnSauce. It is this kick-ass virtual library that gives you access to some of the most effective DIY tutorials with (hold your breath) SOURCE CODES. No No…. we are not messing around! It does indeed give you entrée to valuable knowledge that will help you in no time to build your every own online applications like Facebook, Tinder, Whatsapp and many more.

Learnsauce: Your Every Own Library For DIY Tutorials & Source Codes

The X-Factor!

How LearnSauce is different from Udemy or Tuts+? Well, the goal here is NOT to teach you a particular technology but to help you build a ground-breaking app like Snapchat or Secret. The beauty is, that by the end of it you would’ve also learned the technology in the process.

It’s Uses!

All the DIY tutorials on this portal armor the learners with the knowledge to develop web and mobile applications that have countless possibilities. If you are an entrepreneur and have had a ‘Eureka’ moment, the source codes available will guide you to build an application that can be easily integrated into your idea.

For aspiring developers, LearnSauce is your gospel. It is that perfect platform that gives them an amazing opportunity to hone their web and mobile development skills. That’s not all; the team is also proud of the fact that all the DIY tutorials on the portal take the readers through the process of building an awesome application in simple jargon-free details.

Unique Features!

LearnSauce is one of the first few platforms that offer its subscribers an impressive range of DIY tutorials with source codes. Also, to keep things exciting, new tutorials are released every week. Now all you have to do is sign up and subscribe to them. At just $9 per month, you can have unlimited access to every single tutorial on the portal.

So what are you waiting for? Stop spending hundreds of dollars on buying tutorials that firstly are way too technical and secondly do not provide you with source codes. All you need is a subscription with LearnSauce. With this beautiful portal, you no longer have to burn a hole in your pocket to access materials that will turn you into the most sought-after developer or entrepreneur.

To know more details and to subscribe with them now, do make it a point to visit:

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