‘myPaleoPal’ motivates you to eat healthy!

Do you continuously abandon your duty diet due to cravings? The yen for sumptuous food dominates the health factor. From dietician to food journal everything failed to motivate us for weight loss. Now try myPaleoPal to energize your fitness zeal.

myPaleoPal is the new fun fitness app to follow most effective ritual Palio diets. It is imbued with dynamic game that could make healthy eating an absolute fun!


The Founders

Sebastien de Bandt from Paris, is a former management Consultant. Adrien Greiner is an iOS developer at “Kabbee“, an Uber competitor in London.

Sebastien and Adrien learned the ultimate mantra to motivate people to change their diets. They believed that, “if healthy eating becomes a game it would be fun and so much easier to change your eating habits”.

It’s a fortunately accidental app! Sebastien discovered the Paleo Diet is effective when he quickly lost the 10 kg excess fat he had put on. He started spreading words about his transformation. Some of his friends were curious to know exactly what he was eating, so he started a Whatsapp group where he would share pictures of his three course meals for the day. The group got viral through word of mouth.

People loved to share their own meals delicacies in an appetizing environment and be influenced by what others were eating. Sebastien then decided it would be fun to build a dedicated app to let more people join the community.


 The struggle to strive

Sebastien initially found a contractor to develop the app. That was a big mistake. The project ran well over budget and the app did not work well. Before the app was finished, Sebastien had spent all his savings. He searched for months to find a CTO co-founder and finally convinced Adrien. Being an iOS developer, he coded the app again from scratch.

The Key Feature

Many people have a hard time eating healthier food because they lack the motivation, accountability and support network to make a clear lifestyle change.

myPaleoPal is the first app in the world to turn healthy eating into a game to help these people develop better eating habits. Instead of logging your calories, you simply take a picture of your plate and share it with the community. The community votes and if the photo is approved you are rewarded with points, badges, level up and unlock rewards.

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The biggest competitor is indeed Instagram. Millions of people use it as a daily food journal to document and track what they are eating and to be kept publicly accountable. But most users, stated that myPaleoPal provides a “safer” environment to keep a visual food diary: they don’t want to annoy their friends on Facebook and Instagram by posting their food pictures all the time.

Expanding it

A stable version of the app was released early Jan and by now, hundreds of users are already using it daily to record their food and exercise routines.“Our target is to grow our daily active users by 100% each month”.

Later, users can also get advice from expert nutritionists through the app. It’s a “nutritionist in your pocket” service similar to what Rise.us offers.

Endless nutritious cuisines awaits you, Avail it now! The app will be soon closed to “invite-only” mode.

Connect now at http://www.mypaleopal.com/#

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