Nudge Kick Motivates You To Meet Your Health Goals!

Our body is our temple, yet we so often forget to take care of it.

Lazy people! Well unfortunately that’s what we are. All the modern day facilities have surely turned us into a couch potato. Trust us, it’s not just about gaining that extra pound; it’s about endangering the sanctity and well-being of our body.

Still think you do not have that much needed motivation to break away from all the unhealthy habits? Well do not worry; there is a new mobile app in town called Nudge Kick. This app in a very unique, interesting and effective way gives you back your willpower to meet your daily health goals.

Nudge Kick Motivates You To Meet Your Health Goals!

Meet The Power Duo That Made Nudge Kick Happen!

This app was conceptualized and co-founded by Zack Prager and Corey Zadik.

Zack and Corey are two experienced developers that met in a Masters program in applied positive psychology at UPenn.

“I wanted to approach software development from a different angle. I figured if I went to a program with 50 other developers all studying the same thing and thinking the same way, I wouldn’t be able to come up with anything new and interesting. I’m just not that smart. But I thought I would have a chance at innovation if I studied something really unusual and then tried to connect it to software”, adds Zack.

Know More About Nudge Kick!

This app is here to give users who lack the motivation to hit the gym, a kick start. Nudge Kick lets users block selected apps until their fitness goals are met. For instance, a user can block Facebook until they take 1,000 steps or check into their gym. Using built-in sensors or syncing with FitBit, the app tracks your progress automatically, so there’s no way you can cheat!

What Important Problem Is Nudge Kick Solving Beautifully?

Let’s face it; sticking to our health goals is a big problem. With so many tempting unhealthy habits around it’s really hard to not succumb to it. Well to help you overcome this very temptation and give you the right motivation to hit the gym and meet your fitness target, Nudge Kick allows you to block apps that has become a crucial part of your lifestyle.

Through this app, Zack is allowing people to ‘hack’ their virtual environments to nudge them toward healthier choices. Users can think of Nudge Kick as blocking their apps. However, for Zack it is more interesting to think that he has moved these apps down the block or inside the gym. In a way, users have to now literally walk to them every day in order to unlock it.

The Inspiration Behind It All!

“I wanted to figure out a way to force myself to walk to work even though I worked from home. When I realized I could just lock myself out of Gmail or any other app I used for work until my FitBit hit 2500 steps, Nudge Kick was born”, says Zack.

Nudge Kick Motivates You To Meet Your Health Goals!

On Challenges Faced & Competitors

The task of trying to focus on building a better service even when there are a million other things to do was the team’s biggest challenge. Also, for Zack personally, the task of running a start-up often drags him away from the process of building interesting and helpful stuff that he loves.

In terms of competition, Patch does pose as their competitor as it also has a good model for helping people create health habits. However, unlike Nudge Kick, this app allows users to lose money if they don’t meet their fitness goals.

On Plans of Expansion & Target Audience

As per the team, this idea has a lot of room to grow. Right now, they are focusing mainly on including more health behaviors like cycling, elevated heart rate, etc. that can be used to unlock the apps.

Further, at the moment, Nudge Kick is mainly targeting ‘life hackers’. More generally, people who want to hit their fitness goals and are already tracking their behavior.

The Monetizing Model!

Nudge Kick has a very smart monetizing model to generate revenue.

“We allow people to charge themselves to gain early access to their apps. So if you don’t want to run that mile before you see your Twitter feed, we allow you to cheat for a small fee. We are also in talks with an insurance companies interested in Nudge Kick as a prevention health tool”, says Zack.

So if you are looking for the right motivation to meet your health goals, then do not wait any longer. Download this free app right away from your play store.

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