Organize and share your bookmarks easily with the Buttons app

We browse the internet and come across interesting websites. Generally, we tend to bookmark them so that we will be able to visit the website anytime we want. But, accessing those bookmarks really become a mess when you have too many of them unorganized. Dreamlabs, a Malta- based web design and mobile application development company has come up with Buttons, a web-based application that would help you save these bookmarks as webmarks and easily locate them for the website you want to visit. What’s more, it also has options that would help you share those webmarks easily with your friends.

You can benefit a lot from using Buttons app as you can create categories and place your webmarks under the suitable category, making it look organized. It would also help you reduce the hassle of searching a particular bookmark from an unorganized bookmark section of your browser. The app also features a search function that would help you find the desired webmark. In addition to this, with Buttons, you can share any saved webmark with a few clicks and collaborate with others on a group of shared bookmarks with ease.

The web browsers are their prime competitors as people tend to save their bookmarks in that. By providing users option of organizing their webmarks, they hold an edge over those web browsers. The users can also make sure that the webmarks are shared with only a closed group of selected friends and colleagues and not to the public view.


Arnold Farrugia, one of the founders of the app tells that the code while designing the app was written in such a way that it would streamline the performance of the application, even for limited internet connections and on mobile devices. With no prior experience to rely on, he tells that it was a huge challenge to come up with an app that would have a clean interface and work on all devices.

They now plan on developing the app that would focus towards the educational sector, for lecturers and students at college and university level. They are currently relying on users to buy the premium plan that would help them continue working on improving their services.

The app intends to target those who save a lot of bookmarks of websites they like and also want them to be organized. The sharing and collaboration features in the app are ideal for teachers, students, business users and anyone conducting online research within a group.

Here’s the deal breaker for the regular visitors of Startup Dope. The app offers a 50% discount coupon to all the Startup Dope readers who plan on signing up for the premium plan. Simply enter the following code while creating a new account:  STARTUPDOPE-50.

The free version of the app is also available with limited features.

For more information, visit the website:

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