Payboard suggests the right content to the right audience

Most of the webmasters would’ve been wondering on how to cater their audience with the right and relevant content across the Globe.If only there was a system just like product recommendation that could recommend the exact content based on their interests.

Ken Smith and Matt Dyor are seasoned entrepreneurs, with experience in Fortune 500 companies (Microsoft), fast growth startups (Zynga), and world-class incubators (Techstars). Together they started Payboard.

What is Payboard?

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Payboard adds intelligent navigation to any website in about 5 minutes. By monitoring website traffic, Payboard can identify top conversion paths – or customer journeys that lead to positive outcomes like a signup or a sale. As the website changes, Payboard adapts and continues to make conversion-optimized recommendations for every visitor. Making things easier for the website owner, because they generate more business value from their existing traffic and content. Even more, it makes finding the right content easier for the visitors, because they find the content more faster.

“We started with a focus on conversion analytics. By working with over 40 different customers, including Fortune 500 companies, we learned that the real challenge is in translating analytics into action. Our software would make recommendations to the customer, but it was complex and time-consuming for the customer to implement the changes. This is when we learned that the real opportunity was in making smart recommendations directly to the website visitors. Companies buy analytics software, and companies buy advertising. Conversion automation is a hybrid of analytics and first-party advertising, so we have a bit of an education challenge. Fortunately, we have worked with some awesome pilots that have allowed us to get our software battle-tested. We now have some solid data that can help us prove that investing in conversion automation is a smart move.”  Matt says.

Payboard provides conversion optimization without requiring experts. The big cost for most conversion optimization software is the expert that operates the software, and by building an expert tool instead of a tool for experts, Payboard is able to deliver results for a fraction of the cost.

“Google Analytics, MixPanel, and KISSmetrics are seen as competitors by Payboard, because they are the industry-leading analytics providers. is a closer competitor (and they are awesome), but they still require an expert, and their focus is on providing an expert tool for marketing professionals. Optimizely is another closely related company, and we sometimes position ourselves as the Optimizely for customer journeys. But, again, Optimizely is a tool for experts, and if you do not invest time into the tool, you do not get a return. Our goal is to be the only conversion optimization tool on the market that does not require experts.” he says.

Payboard wants to focus on automated conversion optimization and are planing to gradually bring down the setting up and installation time to close to zero. They are opening up conversion optimization to small and medium businesses (SMBs). Historically, SMBs have not invested in conversion optimization technology because it was too complex, and they now see that there is a lot of opportunity in helping these companies better convert their existing website traffic into business value. 

Payboard works best for companies that invest in content marketing and have dozens of web pages on their website. “By constantly monitoring web traffic behavior, we can intelligently guide visitors to the content that is most likely to lead to a positive outcome for the visitor and the business alike.” he adds.

They charge based on the number of visitors to their customers’ websites. A site with a million monthly visitors will pay $290/month, while a startup with under 10,000 visitors only has to pay $10/month. Payboard is also looking for channel partners (technology players, like eCommerce engines or WordPress hosting companies, as well as marketing agencies).

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