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Web and Mobile UI designers Eyal Zuri and Ohad Aviv “love doing stuff, thinking about it and getting it done”. After years of experience as designers and in creative leadership and direction, they mostly functioned as Creative/Innovation Product Managers in start-ups. Trying to be self-sufficient, they did projects “exclusively based on mutual skills”. They have also picked up skills on front-end development and social marketing on their way. Eyal and Ohad “are always on the lookout for new, awesome and innovative stuff in the creative/visual world”. So they launched RGB.today that aims to be the “product hunt for design news”.


Although there are similar gateways for news in the field of design, Eyal and Ohad want RGB.today to have its own flavor. One of the key objectives is to do away with biased and moderated content that is encountered on other sites. The content on RGB.today isn’t editorialized. “It’s easy to get stuff out there and to get exposure and praise. We’re not here to judge and we do not encourage judgement.” says Ohad. The content is only organically rated by the community.

The target audience

RGB.today targets two kinds of audiences. First, the UI, UX and interactive designers and enthusiasts who want to stay updated on what is going on in the field of design. Second, the professionals who would like to get some exposure for their projects or products. RGB.today plans to expand its user-base in the near future. With more and more people watching and rating stuff, RGB.today is in the process of amplifying its reach. However, the founders do not intend to monetize it.

The competitors

Ask Ohad about RGB.today’s competitors, he mentions Design News and Sidebar but also adds, “Honestly we do not see them as competitors, each one of them has its own flavor and community and we think that’s good.”

Do visit – http://rgb.today/

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