Picture to People: Cool logo makers and photo editors online

How many times have you searched for an online photo editor? Professional graphics editing software programs such Photoshop, Illustrator, and Serif cost hundreds of dollars. Then there is the license maintenance, the constant upgrading, and the degree in graphic arts you need to run the program. It literally takes a very skilled designer to figure out some the more sophisticated programs, all just to get a simple effect that you want. Either that, or you have to browse through the instruction manual, which is usually hundreds of pages long, with a bunch of instructions that are like putting Ikea furniture together.


What if you just want a high-end effect in a hurry for one or two graphics? You have probably found some cheap graphics editors online, only to find that when you downloaded them, they were full of adware or impossible to use. Some of the online websites that claim to manipulate your graphics simply do not work, or create disappointing poor results.


Picture to People took it upon themselves to change all of that. They put together a simple, easy to use website interface that works like a charm, the first time, every time. The level of results is professional. The pictures that you create with this online application will please you immensely.  All you have to do is visit picturetopeople.org and follow the links. You can edit photos, pictures, and even create stunning logos with a huge library of letter effects. It’s fun, fast, and fulfilling to cruise the pages, read the tips and tricks, and hang out in the forum with other users. Get advice from the pros, or just read what other picture makers have to say.

  inkengravedhatcheddrawingphotoeffectcreatedonline pagecurlphotoeffectcreatedonline



Some of the best features are the site’s safety and security. They never ask you to register, and they never store your images. Everything you make is yours to take, in total privacy!  The filters and effects rival the top software programs. You get photo enhancement, pencil drawing, color drawing, sketching, halftone, lomo, cartoon, typographic, vintage retro, puzzle, sand, graffiti, illustration, painting, chalk and artistic mosaic effects, all from the same online photo editor.


If you want to generate logos like the pros, the Text Logo Generator is for you. Included text effects are realistic carved, both embossed and engraved, 3D graffiti, glitter, sci-fi, hair, horror, ice, 3D perspective, fur, folded, L.E.D. board, 3D lava, gradient, light and glow, frozen, 3D blocks, rainbow neon, grainy sand, national flags, chalk, fancy, 3D dragon, love, burnt wood, Christmas, water, cloud, stone, smoke, liquid, procedural effects, caption adding and more.


Forget fumbling around for the effect you need. Browse the effects with picture examples to find exactly what you need in a hurry, or search by keyword to get to the effect you need. No more trying to navigate complex graphics programs, trying to find just the right combination of endless buttons to get where you need to go. Forget about layers, and moving objects from front to back. Just go straight from uploaded picture to downloaded product in no time flat. See endless previews before you get the final result you want to download. Get as many versions of effects on the same picture as you desire. It’s all limitless and it’s all 100% free, at Picture to People online.

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