VIDEO ADVERTISING 101 – The New Face of Content Marketing

Savvy business owners looking for a smarter way to attract new leads and sales are discovering they can harness the power of video to build loyalty, generate authority and drive new business.

Video advertising has evolved from the single purpose advertising pioneered by television commercials to encompass interactive engagement and messaging that offers value to the viewer.


Video content that educates, informs and engages the audience as its primary purpose will achieve the secondary purpose of turning the viewer into a customer. The overall purpose of video content is to tell a story in a way that is compelling and attractive to your preferred audience.

Highly effective video advertising is not about direct sales to increase the bottom line; it’s about telling a story through high quality visual messaging to show your audience and potential customers that your organization can provide the value they need to enhance their lives in some way. It’s an indirect sales method that can turn customers into consistent clients.

People are increasingly relying on the digital space as their primary source of entertainment, information gathering, news – a need filled by blogs, podcasts, and yes, video.

Video advertising is the new face of content marketing and has emerged as the most effective tool for company’s looking to increase exposure, encourage their customers to become recurring clients and improve their bottom line.

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